A Record Number Of Canadians Are Using Food Banks

Inflationary policies, high taxes, and an anti-energy agenda are all deepening the cost-of-living crisis.

The Liberal government loves to claim they are against poverty.

Yet their policies are continuing to put more and more Canadians in a terrible financial situation.

According to Food Banks Canada, a record number of Canadians are using food banks.

Their survey data showed that there were almost 1.5 million monthly visits to food banks earlier this year, the most they have ever seen.

Seniors and students have been particularly hard hit.

And even children haven’t been spared, with about 500,000 children using foodbanks on a monthly basis.

Overall, food bank usage is up 15% from a year ago, and 35% from 2019.

This is notable, because the Liberals have repeatedly talked about their ‘progress’ fighting poverty, yet here we are with a record number of Canadians using food banks, and a massive amount of children being such a dire and tragic situation.

And for Liberal backers who would claim that this is all still related to the pandemic, they should note what I mentioned above – food bank usage is up 15% from last year. Since last year, the Liberals have been crowing about Canada’s supposed great economic recovery and ‘growth,’ but the evidence on the ground makes clear things are getting worse.

What the Liberal-NDP Pact ignores about inflation

As we know, the foundation of any successful economy and successful civilization is affordable energy. When energy costs rise, everything gets more expensive, and people become poorer.

Thus, policies that increase the cost-of-energy – like the carbon tax – have a cascading effect throughout the economy. When combined with explicitly anti-energy policies from the federal government and rampant overspending/money printing, and it’s no wonder that so many Canadians are falling behind.

This is what the Liberal-NDP Pact – and much of the media coverage – ignores about inflation.

It’s not just a problem of ‘rising prices,’ as that is just the visual manifestation of the devaluation of our money and the declining efficiency of our economy.

The real problem goes deeper, and is the result of deliberate policy decisions that have made the production of real, tangible things more difficult, while trying to cover up that fact with endless amounts of printed money.

In all of human history, those kind of policies have only ever resulted in a declining standard of living, more society distress and division, and more suffering, and that is exactly what we are seeing in Canada today.

Spencer Fernando


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