The Failure Of The Socialist Healthcare System Cannot Be Used As An Excuse To Limit Our Freedoms

We cannot keep restricting the rights of Canadians because those in power can’t move on from the broken socialized system.

I didn’t think I would be writing articles like this again, but here we are.

We are once again watching some people in Canada push for mask mandates and even hinting at bringing back draconian restrictions.

The main argument behind that is the claim that the healthcare system is once again being overwhelmed, and thus we supposedly need to reimpose mandates.

Here’s the problem.

We’ve been hearing this for two and a half years.

In that time, our governments have massively increased spending, ran up huge amounts of debt, thrown tons of money at the healthcare system, and yet is even more fragile than before.

The problem is that the Canadian healthcare system is a serious outlier in the world.

Most countries – even those that have ‘public’ systems – have a larger role for the private sector.

Canada’s healthcare debate is uniquely ignorant in many ways, with many people pretending as if all the healthcare systems in Europe simply don’t exist.

They ignore the fact that you can have private delivery and universal access.

They ignore the fact that we don’t have to pick between the US system and socialist system, and we can instead use a hybrid system like much of Europe does.

So, we remain stuck with this rigid, failing, socialist system, and now the weakness of that system is being used as a cudgel against freedom loving Canadians.

Socialism leads to more socialism

As a failed system, socialism is often self-reinforcing in a deeply destructive way.

The more socialism fails, the more its defenders claim that even more socialism is needed.

The more the Canadian healthcare system – a system based on restricting choice and banning competition – fails, the more socialists call for further restrictions on choice.

This is why many people become so completely irrational when discussing the Canadian healthcare system. They know that the system being opened up to more capitalist influence would cause many Canadians to see the benefit of competition, and would reduce overall support for socialism.

So, they seek to keep Canada locked into this absolute failure of a system.

But we cannot allow this to keep happening.

We can’t give up our rights and freedoms just because the socialists won’t let go of their attachment to the failed healthcare system.

The answer – no matter how much anyone may try to avoid it – is capitalism, competition, and innovation.

Spencer Fernando


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