Can A Pro-Prosperity Agenda Win In Canada?

The country is facing a stark choice, and the consequences will be felt for some time.

Should Canada settle for less?

Should our standard of living remain stagnant, or even worsen over time?

Those are some of the questions that will be decided in the upcoming election.

There is a very real risk of Canada becoming a country where the most ambitious simply decide to leave, while the rest of the nation remains complacent and content with mediocrity.

Consider that the main policies we see from the federal government – and many provincial governments – are generally about holding back our economy and making some sort of ‘sacrifice.’

It’s as if they’ve decided that Canada is ‘rich enough,’ and that now it’s time to divide up our wealth rather than grow our wealth.

But that represents a betrayal of the kind of thinking that helped build our country up.

The idea that we should keep getting richer, that we should be able to afford more, that we should be more prosperous, that we should keep advancing technologically, all of that helped provide the hope and incentives that inspired people to put down roots in Canada, and to come here from around the world.

It still draws many people here, but many find – in the case of skilled immigrants – that the idea of Canadian prosperity doesn’t match the reality.

In many ways, our country is falling into a more socialist way of thinking.

Our crumbling healthcare system needs more private delivery, but many reject this out of adherence to ‘universal’ system that exists only in theory.

Economic opportunities go to other countries, as we tax ourselves into poverty and hold ourselves back in some sort of supposed effort to change the climate, even though we are a tiny fraction of global emissions.

This has been built on years of demonizing the most successful, and demonizing Canadian/Western history.

For example, Liberal MP Mark Gerretsen slammed Elon Musk, rather than taking pride in someone as successful as Musk being a Canadian Citizen and having gone to a Canadian university:

“This really says it all. @elonmusk is one of the most influential people on Earth, helping humanity make great strides further into space. He’s also a Canadian Citizen. Instead of taking pride in this, a Liberal MP is calling him a ‘stain.’ This attitude holds Canada back.”

The alternative to the socialist, anti-wealth, anti-success way of thinking is an embrace of freedom and capitalism.

Canada should be a hopeful country, where people are encouraged to prosper and make their dreams come true, rather than being mired in shame and decline.

In this way, we can see how a Conservative pro-prosperity agenda could gain significant support, if the Conservatives have the confidence and resiliency to be unapologetic about Canadians deserving the freedom to prosper and succeed.

Canada should be proud of all that our country built, proud of those with a connection to Canada – like Elon Musk – who have succeeded at the highest level, and proud of the ideas like freedom and capitalism that have built the most prosperous societies on Earth.

Spencer Fernando


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