VIDEO: Trudeau’s “Broken Canada” Hypocrisy Exposed Through His Own Words

“A leader takes responsibility when things go wrong, and this Prime Minister has consistently avoided taking any responsibility for this sordid mess.”

The quote above is what Justin Trudeau said about Prime Minister Stephen Harper, back when the Conservatives were in power.

But now, Trudeau has changed his tune.

With multiple aspects of the country falling apart, with inflation rising, gas prices up, the housing market completely distorted, food bank usage at a record high, shortages of important children’s medication, overdose deaths up, and violent crime surging, Trudeau has much to be responsible for.

Yet, instead of taking responsibility for the dire state of the nation on his watch, Trudeau instead demonizes those who accurately point out what is happening.

As I wrote about earlier, Trudeau accused Pierre Poilievre of “undermining democracy” for saying “Canada is broken.”

Now, in a rapid and highly-effective response, a new video from the Conservatives exposes Trudeau’s rampant hypocrisy and failed governance, using his own words against him:

“So Trudeau is mad that I said everything feels broken.

He broke them.”

This is a strong message from the Conservatives.

By showing the contrast between Trudeau’s words when was out of power, and his actions as PM, the video highlights Trudeau’s immense hypocrisy.

The examples of how Canada is broken are also effective.

Consider how aggressive Trudeau was in attacking Harper, despite Canada being better positioned in almost every way while Harper was in power.

Canada was wealthier, safer, more respected, more free, and more unified when Harper was in power.

So, if Trudeau thought Harper’s record was worthy of defeat, then surely Trudeau has to go.

The CPC needs to keep putting out messages like we saw in the video above, because only a sustained communications effort will help drown out the endless gaslighting from Trudeau & the establishment press.

Spencer Fernando

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