With His Radical Climate Agenda, Justin Trudeau Continues Making Canadians Poorer

Canadians must understand that our country can’t keep voting for a radical ‘green agenda’ and then be surprised at the results.

In real-time, we are watching decades and decades of Canadian healthcare propaganda fade away.

While private care was already increasingly a part of the system, Ontario’s move to expand private delivery of surgical services drew a large amount of attention – due to the concentration of the media sector in that province.

Many Canadians have now realized that our healthcare system cannot provide decent care if it remains so rigid, closed, socialist, and resistant to the private sector.

Those who advocate for the current socialized system have rapidly found themselves on the defensive, with their old ideological slogans no longer working as well as they once did.

Those arguing against increased private delivery are being asked why Canadians should suffer just to uphold some sort of old ideological vision of our healthcare system.

And there aren’t many good answers to that, only fear-mongering and spurious comparisons to the US system that ignore the fact that most of Europe already has private/public delivery within universal coverage systems.

Why I am talking about this in an article about ‘climate policy’?

Because Canada is long overdue for another reckoning.

Since 2015, many Canadians have voted for the imposition of a carbon tax and a climate agenda that holds back the Canadian energy sector.

Since 2015, roughly $150 billion worth of energy projects have been cancelled in this country, depriving our nation of tremendous potential wealth.

Since 2015, Canada’s economy has become increasingly distorted, and is now increasingly dependent on absurdly overpriced housing and government spending.

Since 2015, and especially in the past few years – inflation has surged, with many Canadians now much poorer in real terms.

Since 2015, our economic growth has been largely stagnant, with our overall GDP only ‘growing’ because of large population increases and a flood of printed money.

And even more recently, since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in early 2022, the democratic world has learned a brutal lesson about the danger of not developing our own energy resources and being reliant upon dictatorships.

So, just as reality has finally begun to erode the power of the propaganda surrounding our healthcare system, we must ensure that the propaganda surrounding ‘climate action’ is eroded and defeated as well.

In this instance, Canadians must understand that it makes zero sense to keep voting for carbon taxes and ‘climate’ action’ and then complain about how expensive everything is.

A stagnant economy, declining real growth, and high prices are all the deliberate goal of ‘climate action.’

The whole idea of carbon taxes and restrictions on the energy sector is to make everything more expensive so we consume less.

Indeed, one reason politicians like Justin Trudeau are so keen to rapidly increase immigration levels is because that gives the appearance of economic activity, somewhat distracting from the decline of the per capita income of Canadians.

Recent world events have demonstrated how radical Trudeau’s policies really are.

The true test of whether someone is a radical is whether they can adapt to reality or not.

Someone may hold a very strong opinion, but recognize when reality dictates another course of action.

For example, many of Stephen Harper’s opponents thought of him as a ‘radical conservative’ on the economy, yet he showed tremendous flexibility both with a minority government and in dealing with the global financial crisis.

Harper stayed true to his overall view that budgets should be balanced and taxes should be kept low, while running deficits when necessary and spending more than he would have preferred at various moments.

Trudeau has shown himself incapable of that.

The rational course of action for Canada over the past few years would have been to rescind the carbon tax to give Canadians a break, express support – both verbally and in terms of legislation – for the energy sector in order to tamp down national division, and to expand our sales of LNG and other desperately needed energy projects to fellow democracies like Japan and Germany.

Trudeau has done none of that.

Instead, he’s put his radical climate ideology ahead of the well-being of Canadians, ahead of the unity of our country, and ahead of the needs of our allies (fulfilling those needs would also fulfill Canada’s need for money).

That’s the true sign of a radical, someone who imposes their agenda even when all the evidence says otherwise.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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