Quebec Premier Rips Trudeau For “Attacking Democracy”

“Quebec will never accept such a weakening of its rights. Never!” said Francois Legault.

Canada is a deeply divided nation, and those divisions are getting worse.

Justin Trudeau’s ‘unique’ blend of incompetence and a desire to centralize power is increasingly pushing parts of Western Canada to assert more independence from the central government amid rising alienation.

And now, Quebec Premier Francois Legault is ripping into Trudeau for “attacking democracy.”

In a series of Tweets, Legault slammed the PM (original Tweets in French included alongside English translation):

“1/4 Justin Trudeau a déclaré dans une entrevue qu’il souhaite que la Cour suprême limite le pouvoir des provinces et du Québec d’utiliser la clause dérogatoire.”

“1/4 Justin Trudeau said in an interview that he wants the Supreme Court to limit the power of the provinces and Quebec to use the notwithstanding clause.”

“2/4 Cette volonté manifestée par Justin Trudeau est une attaque frontale contre la capacité de notre nation de protéger nos droits collectifs.”

“2/4 This desire expressed by Justin Trudeau is a frontal attack on our nation’s ability to protect our collective rights.”

“3/4 Je rappelle qu’aucun gouvernement du Québec n’a adhéré à la Constitution de 1982, qui ne reconnaît pas la nation québécoise. Les gouvernements du PQ, du Parti libéral et de la CAQ ont tous utilisé la clause dérogatoire, notamment pour protéger la langue française.

3/4 I remind you that no Quebec government has adhered to the 1982 Constitution, which does not recognize the Quebec nation. The governments of the PQ, the Liberal Party and the CAQ have all used the notwithstanding clause, in particular to protect the French language.”

“4/4 C’est à l’Assemblée nationale de décider des lois qui nous gouvernent en tant que nation. Le Québec n’acceptera jamais un affaiblissement pareil de ses droits. Jamais!”

“4/4 It is up to the National Assembly to decide the laws that govern us as a nation. Quebec will never accept such a weakening of its rights. Never!”

Trudeau doesn’t know how to govern Canada

Regardless of what one may think about Legault’s specific criticisms, the fact that multiple regions of the country are now increasingly alienated from Ottawa says it all about Trudeau’s governing ‘style.’

Simply put, Trudeau doesn’t know how to govern Canada.

This is a massive nation in terms of land mass, with provinces the size of countries and very specific regional economies.

A Prime Minister who takes a relatively hands-off approach to the provinces while expressing support for all major industries (oil & gas in the West, automotive in Ontario, aerospace in Quebec etc.) can keep the country united even when being personally unpopular.

Stephen Harper managed to do that, as support for Quebec separatism collapsed during his time in office due to his respect for provincial jurisdiction, even as he was quite unpopular in that province.

Trudeau on the other hand is both unpopular nationwide and unwilling to support all industries.

Instead, he picks and choses, seeking to wipe out the energy sector in the West even as the West – particularly Alberta and Saskatchewan – provide significant transfer payments to the rest of the country.

Yet, even this approach hasn’t placated Quebec – a large net recipient of transfer payments – because Trudeau’s centralizing attitude doesn’t fit well with Quebec’s desire for more autonomy from Ottawa.

On issue after issue, Trudeau puts his own power and his own political interests ahead of the good of the nation, and the continued fracturing of the country is a testament to how completely unfit he is to lead this nation.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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