WATCH: Parliamentary Budget Officer Joins Expanding List Of Canadians Defying Trudeau And Pointing Out How Many Things In Canada Are “Broken”

Trudeau and the Liberal government seem to spend most of their time telling people not to talk about Canada’s problems rather than solving those problems.

Imagine if a company was going over their situation after a rough year and the CEO accused anyone who accurately reported on what took place as “talking down” the organization.

What kind of behaviour would that incentivize going forward?

Those who spoke the truth would either self-censor or be pushed out, and those who lied and lived in a fantasy world would rise higher and higher.

Of course, that wouldn’t actually change reality or change what had happened, so you would just end up with an organization even more out-of-touch with reality and more at risk of even worse failures.

And that’s the situation Canada finds itself in.

Crime is surging, the economy is weak, inflation is robbing us of our purchasing power, political/regional divisions are growing, and our national defenses are deeply eroded.

Yet those who point out those facts get attacked by Justin Trudeau for supposedly “talking down Canada.”

He slammed Pierre Poilievre for saying “Canada is broken,” and has criticized all who use the word “broken” to describe the current state of our nation.

But now, Trudeau has to add the Parliamentary Budget Officer to the list.

PBO Yves Giroux said “there is a system that is broken” in reference to the declining state of Canada’s publicly-delivered services.

And in Question Period, CPC Leader Pierre Poilievre wouldn’t let Trudeau hear the end of it:

The more Trudeau assails his critics and demands that people stop talking about reality, the more obvious it is that he can’t handle the job.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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