How Many More Innocent Canadians Will Lose Their Lives Because Of Our Politically Correct Justice System?

At the most fundamental level, the justice system exists to keep dangerous people locked up in order to protect the innocent. Our society forgets that at our peril.

Political correctness isn’t harmless.

Because it puts ideology ahead of reality, it ends up distorting decision making.

And our justice system has been distorted out of all proportion.

As reported by the Globe & Mail, Randall McKenzie – the man charged with murdering OPP Constable Grzegorz Pierzchala – was given bail by a judge based on politically-correct grounds that appear to have overridden public safety considerations:

“Even the judge at Mr. McKenzie’s June bail hearing, Ontario Superior Court Justice Harrison Arrell, acknowledged that his release was “iffy” and that the prosecution was justifiably concerned he would reoffend, according to the transcript, which was obtained by The Globe and Mail.

But Justice Arrell concluded that Mr. McKenzie’s Indigenous background hung heavily in the balance.

“The accused is Indigenous, and it is a well-known fact that such individuals are overrepresented in our prison system, especially in pre-trial custody, because of their challenges with poverty, lack of education and addiction issues,” he said. “All of these factors are present in this case.”

Justice Arrell said he was confident the public would accept the court’s plan of release: Mr. McKenzie’s mother would supervise Mr. McKenzie 24 hours a day. He would wear an electronic monitoring bracelet, be banned from using drugs or alcohol, report twice weekly to Indigenous police on the Six Nations of the Grand River reserve, and attend counselling sessions.”

Of course, it didn’t turn out as the judge predicted.

And an innocent person – OPP Constable Grzegorz Pierzchala – paid the price with his life.

You’ll notice that nowhere in Justice Arrell’s discussion of ‘overrepresentation’ and other issues does he actually address the fact that none of that has anything to do with how likely someone is to reoffend.

The act of committing a violent crime isn’t different because of the background of the person who commits it. It’s a crime regardless.

There also appears to be a complete disconnect with what our justice system is actually supposed to do.

It’s not about ‘equity’ and trying to undo the past. It’s about dealing with people who pose a threat to the innocent, and keeping those people away from law-abiding Canadians.

That’s why we have jails.

As sad as it may be, some people – no matter how many chances they are given – just keep on committing violent crimes, and there’s nothing ‘compassionate’ about giving them endless opportunities to victimize others.

Either we punish the guilty, or we punish the innocent, and right now Canada is doing the latter:

“Looks like political correctness & a “woke” judge led directly to the murder of 28-year-old OPP officer Cst. Grzegorz Pierzchala.

Revolutionary idea: We lock people up based on the crimes they commit and their likelihood to re-offend – not based on the colour of their skin.”

Equality, not equity

What we actually need in Canada is equality – true equality.

Equality in the sense of judging people based on their actions, not their identities.

Though ‘equity’ sounds similar, it is something very different.

Equity is very much a communist way of thinking about things, where some are artificially lifted up by the state, and others are brought down by the state. Instead of equal opportunity, ‘equity’ pushes for equal outcomes.

But that is never possible, hence the reality-distortion and harm that takes place when equity-based policies are imposed.

Canadians are waking up and realizing that a justice system built upon ‘equity’ and political correctness has no real justice at all, and puts innocent people at far greater risk.

Spencer Fernando


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