Conservatives Lead Among Unionized Canadians

The CPC leads among both private sector & public sector union members.

In another sign of how the Conservative Party under Pierre Poilievre is making inroads among former Liberal & NDP voters, a new survey shows the CPC leading among both private sector and public sector union members:

“Federal vote intention by union membership:

Private sector union:
CPC: 36%
LPC: 34%
NDP: 14%
BQ: 6%
GPC: 5%
PPC: 4%

Public sector union:
CPC: 34%
NDP: 26%
LPC: 26%
BQ: 6%
GPC: 3%
PPC: 3%

Abacus Data / February 18, 2023 / n=4000 / Online”

This poll clashes with the conventional wisdom that union members will vote NDP & Liberal.

However, Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre has made a concerted effort to reach out to unionized Canadians, emphasizing his low tax, pro-energy approach.

Poilievre’s focus on economic issues contrasts with Jagmeet Singh and Justin Trudeau’s focus on left-wing ‘cultural war’ issues, which get a lot of attention online but often don’t resonate in the day-to-day experiences of most Canadians.

The CPC has also seen similar success among young Canadians, creating the opportunity for a potential political realignment as young people continue to struggle economically and are looking for something new.

With positive poll results continuing to roll in, the CPC seems to be on the right track under Poilievre’s leadership as they erode the Liberal-NDP’s support base.

Spencer Fernando


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