Former Liberal Party President Says Trudeau Is “Cheapening The Odious Sin Of Real Racism”

Stephen LeDrew took Justin Trudeau to task for hiding behind accusations of ‘racism’ to deflect from the growing China election interference scandal.

Stephen LeDrew served as President of the Canadian Liberal Party between 1998 and 2003.

At the time, the Liberal Party more closely resembled the traditional meaning liberalism, advocating for balanced budgets, fiscal responsibility, and respect for individual rights.

Since Justin Trudeau’s time at the helm of the party, things have significantly changed.

As a result, many Liberals have found themselves feeling unrepresented by the Liberal Party in its current incarnation.

Stephen LeDrew is one such individual.

And now, LeDrew is pushing back against Justin Trudeau’s attempt to use ‘racism’ as a shield against legitimate questions regarding China’s interference in our democracy:

“In labelling allegations of electoral shenanigans against Dong as racist,Trudeau is cheapening the odious sin of real racism.Pathetic polarizing politics practised by PM.”

LeDrew makes a very important point.

Real racism still exists, and should be called out and confronted.

By accusing people of being racist for wanting to protect our institutions, Trudeau weakens the meaning of the term and cheapens the seriousness of it.

There’s nothing classically ‘liberal’ about such tactics, and Trudeau’s willingness to employ them goes to further show his disconnect from the historical principles of the party he leads, and from Canada more broadly.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube