Emissions Fall In North America & Europe While Surging In China

There is a direct link between economic strength and potential military strength. Weakening our own economies to hit unrealistic targets is a large national security risk.

The discussion around climate change and emissions often focuses on North America and Europe always needing to “do more.”

However, a look at the chart below makes clear it is China that has been the largest contributor to increased global emissions.

In fact, emissions in North America and Europe have been going down for some time.

As noted by Hayman Capital Management CIO Kyle Bass, China’s increase in emissions has completely overwhelmed reductions in the West:

“So let me get this straight…the US and Europe (44% of global GDP) are each down one billion tons of emissions while China (18% of global GDP) has recklessly expanded 7 billion tons over the same time frame. Just imagine if China achieved similar per capita #s. #China #DoTheMath #ClimateCrisis @GretaThunberg @ClimateEnvoy”


While we should seek increased efficiency and environmental protection, there is only so much that can be done in regions that have already reduced emissions substantially.

Additionally, many of the advancements in reducing emissions have come from private sector innovation, rather than government diktat.

There is something else we must consider:

National security.

There is a strong link between economic strength and military potential.

In an increasingly dangerous world, the democratic nations of the West must ensure our economies are strong and resilient so we can afford to have a robust national defence.

Holding back our own economies while China increases their military output is too big a risk.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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