POLL: 55% Don’t Want Trudeau To Run Again

26% say they want to Justin Trudeau to run in the next federal election.

A new survey shows a majority of Canadians don’t want Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to run again.

The survey, conducted February 25, 2023 (before some of the most damning China interference revelations), shows 55% saying “no” when asked “do you want Justin Trudeau to run in the next election.”

26% said “yes.”

The survey also shows 45% saying “no” when asked “does Pierre Poilievre have what it takes to be Prime Minister?”

23% said yes, while 32% said they were “unsure”.

There is a positive in that number for Poilievre, in that a majority remain open to seeing him as Prime Minister, and if he persuades even half of those who are unsure, that brings him to 39% believing he has what it takes to be PM.

The overall takeaway from the poll is that Canadian politics will continue to be mired in negativity.

With over half of Canadians hoping they’ve seen the last of Trudeau in a federal election, the Liberals will feel that their only path to remaining in power is to deepen negative perceptions of Poilievre.

Spencer Fernando


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