POLL: Nearly Two-Thirds Support Inquiry Into Foreign Election Interference

Just 21% are opposed.

The Trudeau government continues to oppose holding an inquiry into China’s interference in Canada’s elections.

And public opinion continues to show how unpopular that decision is.

According to a new Research Co. survey, 64% of Canadians support a public inquiry into China’s election interference.

Just 21% are opposed.

15% say they are unsure.

“Do you support or oppose calling an independent inquiry into foreign interference on electoral processes in Canada?” Support: 64% Oppose: 21% Unsure: 15% Research Co. / February 28, 2023 / n=1000 / Online

Considering that the Liberals won 32% of the vote in the last election, having just 21% backing up Trudeau’s call for an inquiry is a significant problem for the government.

This is why demands for an inquiry simply won’t go away. The number of Canadians who want an inquiry vastly outnumber those who don’t.

Spencer Fernando


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