In Sign Of Increasing Desperation, Liberals May Make Telford Motion A Confidence Vote

If they would rather risk bringing down their own government than have the PM’s Chief of Staff testify, we can only imagine what they are trying to hide.

Since the China election interference scandal emerged, there has been one consistent theme:

The Liberals have refused to do a few very simple things that could have reassured the public as to their sincerity and honesty in the matter.

Calling an inquiry would have been a clear demonstration that they have nothing to hide and want the truth to be known. Allowing the Prime Minister’s Chief of Staff Katie Telford to testify at the House Ethics Committee would again demonstrate openness and a willingness to get at the truth.

But the Liberals haven’t done that.

Quite the opposite in fact.

They have relentlessly filibustered to stop Telford from testifying, and they have ignored calls for a public inquiry. They appointed a ‘Special Rapporteur’ to buy time, and chose somebody for the role who just so happens to be a “family friend” of Justin Trudeau.

All of this points to the Liberals being very terrified of the truth – whatever it may be – emerging. They know how bad it looks for them to be trying to block an inquiry and block Telford’s testimony, and which leads us to assume that the truth would be worse for them.

And now, with a looming vote on a motion that would compel Telford to testify, the desperation of the Liberals has become even more apparent.

According to a Canadian Press report, the Liberals are considering making the vote on the motion into a confidence vote. If they did so, and the Liberals lost the vote, the government would fall. This is a move designed to pressure the NDP into siding with the Liberals, because it would mean that the NDP would be rescinding their pact with the Liberals if the motion passed.

The NDP will be the swing vote on the motion, as both the Conservatives and Bloc intend to vote for it. The Liberals have called the NDP’s bluff in the past, betting that Jagmeet Singh won’t force an election. Time and time again, that bet has worked out for the Liberals.

Whether it works this time will depend entirely upon what Jagmeet Singh chooses to do. Yet, as naïve as he often is, surely he must realize how bad this all looks. The Liberals have shown they will go to incredibly desperate lengths to stop information about possible undue links to China from emerging

Remember how they went to court to block Parliament from getting access to documents on the two Chinese scientists expelled from the National Microbiology Lab? They even ignored a decision from the Liberal-appointed Speaker of the House in an attempt to keep the documents secret. And those documents are still secret.

So to now see the Liberals willing to bring down their own government rather than allow Katie Telford to testify speaks to an incredible amount of desperation. These aren’t the actions of an innocent government that is confident the facts are on their side. These are the actions of a government that knows the truth will cast them in an awful light, and are using every bit of power at their disposal to keep things hidden from the Canadian people.

Spencer Fernando

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