We Must Reject Liberal Attempts To Demoralize & Demonize Those Who Want To Protect Our Country

As the China interference scandal grows, the Liberals will increasingly try to demoralize and demonize those who simply want to protect our nation and our democratic institutions. We must not let them get away with it.

The tone taken by Liberal partisans and even some Liberal MPs on social media has become increasingly unhinged. The Liberals are clearly feeling the pressure, as Justin Trudeau’s many years of selling out our nation to China comes back to haunt the government with story after story of how China has sought to influence and subvert our democratic institutions.

Some Liberals – particularly the ‘Tru-Anon cult’ – are calling for journalists to be jailed and concocting insane conspiracy theories to try and shift the blame away from Justin Trudeau.

For reference, here’s how the Urban Dictionary describes ‘Tru-Anon’:

“Tru-Anon are Cult-like supporters of Justin Trudeau that will go to any length to defend abysmal leadership, virtue signaling, unethical behavior, lies or outright corruption , as long as its performed by Justin Trudeau, in which case it is fully acceptable.

As a CNN reporter Jake Tapper found out “Careful for acknowledging facts or Tru-Anon will attack you”

“The belief that Justin Trudeau is god’s gift to Canada & he can do no wrong. Beware: Tru-Anon believers lack awareness of the world around them. Having been brainwashed, they are known to puppet the words of their “great” leader & frequently traffic in lies; using deceit & a barrage of falsehoods to justify any and all of JT’s behaviour.

“Careful for acknowledging facts or Tru-Anon will attack you.” ~ Jake Tapper, CNN”

The Tru-Anon Cult has gone into overdrive with each new revelation of China’s interference.

Where they once defended the media and Canada’s institutions, now they seek to attack those same institutions to defend Trudeau:

“The Liberals postured as defenders of the media and defenders of Canada’s core institutions. Now, facing more and more stories indicating Justin Trudeau – who praised Communist China’s ‘Basic Dictatorship’ – has been letting China subvert our nation, they decide to side with him and attack the media and our core institutions. It’s disturbing cult-like behaviour that threatens our nation.”


The Liberals are trying to turn the whole situation around. While they are the ones who should be on the defensive, they want people like us – people who value our country and want to protect it from the influence of Communist China – to be defensive – a complete inversion of right and wrong.

If you’ve been reading this website for a while, you’ll know that I have long been speaking out about the danger posed by China and the need to protect our country. And I’m sure you feel the same way. And even if you’re new here, you also likely feel the same way. It’s important to emphasize and realize that what we are doing is right. We are on the right side of history standing up for our country and standing against China’s influence attempts.

The Liberals and their increasingly cult-like actions are a threat and a danger to the country, and we should never feel guilty for calling out those actions. In fact, you should give yourself credit for having the strength to avoid being influenced by the relentless gaslighting from Trudeau & his associates.

Our country is in a very precarious situation, and it needs people like us who have the courage and the wisdom to speak out in defence of the truth and in defence of values like freedom and democracy.

That’s why Liberal efforts to invert right and wrong and make this whole scandal go away must be resisted and defeated.

Spencer Fernando


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