Liberals Moving To Shut Down Debate On Censorship Bill C-11, As PM Pushes Canada Closer To His Ideal “Basic Dictatorship”

Is there anyone left in this country who still thinks he was joking when he praised Communist China?

For those of us who believe in the core Canadian values of freedom, limited government, and individual rights, the Chinese Communist Party is an example what NOT to do.

It’s a warning, a reminder of what happens when government power – and the power of one political party above all others – is entrenched and expands relentlessly.

But for someone like Justin Trudeau who was steeped in an anti-freedom, anti-Western, pro-China, pro-Communist upbringing, the Chinese Communist Party is an example to follow.

And following is exactly what Justin Trudeau is doing.

Step by step, he is seeking to assault our rights and freedoms, control online discourse and debate, censor those who would challenge the government, and make the state more and more powerful.

That’s what legislation like Bill C-11 and C-18 are all about.

Regardless of what the Liberal government claims, they don’t care about protecting ‘Canadian content.’ They care only about control and perpetuating their own power over us.

And now, the Liberals are moving to shut down debate on Bill C-11, with the intention of ramming it through despite all the legitimate concerns Canadians have:

The Liberals are using the parliamentary tool of ‘closure,’ to end debate on the bill and ram it through.

Note, the Liberals have ignored and rejected a key amendment from the Senate that would have explicitly protected user-generated content.

All along, the Liberals claimed user-generated content wouldn’t be captured by the bill, yet when the Senate put that exemption into the legislation, the Liberals rejected that move.

That showed exactly what their plan with C-11 was all along: Give themselves the power to control what you can see, say, and share online.

As Conservative MP Rachael Thomas put it, the Liberals are using censorship to end a debate on their censorship legislation:

“The Liberals are shutting down debate on Bill C11! This is a bill that gives the govn’t authority to control what we can see, hear and post online. Talk about censorship!

And now the govn’t is shutting down debate.

Censorship upon censorship!”

Trudeau & his cult-like following hate Canadian freedoms

Trudeau has booted out everyone who would challenge him from within, as his treatment of Jody Wilson-Raybould made clear.

Now, he’s moving to silence those who would challenge him externally.

His effort to control the information environment in Canada has been hamstrung by the rise of independent media, which has grown rapidly and challenged the establishment press Trudeau has sought to buy off with our own taxpayer dollars.

So now, he’s going a step further, emulating the Chinese Communist Party by giving the government more and more power to control online discussion and debate.

Trudeau’s increasingly cult-like followers don’t mind this, since they justify everything he does no matter how egregious it is, but for the rest of us who actually believe in Canadian values – this is an assault on everything we hold dear.

Justin Trudeau and his cronies hate Canadian freedoms, and they are determined to stomp them out. We must be just as determined to fight back.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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