Of Course The Liberals Are Obstructing The Investigation Of China’s Interference

Trudeau has given every indication that he’s terrified of the truth being revealed. Instead of listening to the demands of Canadians – and a majority of MPs – he’s doing everything possible to stop a real investigation from taking place.

Let’s consider the state of things in Canada when it comes to China’s election interference.

Sure, we’ve thought a lot about it.

But have we really considered how bad things are?

The best case scenario is that Prime Minister of our country – and his party – were willing to look the other way as Communist China interfered in our democracy because they were benefitting from it.

At worst, they were actively involved in helping China interfere, in effect selling out our democratic system and betraying the Canadian People.

If the truth is somewhere in between those two possibilities, than it means a potentially significant portion of the Liberal government apparatus has been effectively co-opted by China and now serve the interests of a hostile foreign power.

Disturbingly, the behaviour of the Trudeau government indicates that the ‘best’ case scenario is also the least likely.

It’s a cover-up

Poll after poll has shown Canadians demanding a full public inquiry into China’s election interference. Even a majority of Liberal supporters want that. Polls also show Canadians are paying closer attention to this scandal than previous scandals, because it goes to the heart of whether our government is even really our own.

A majority of MPs recently voted for an inquiry as well.

Trudeau has ignored all of this, and instead chose to appoint a pro-China ‘special rapporteur’ to buy time, slow everything down, and hope the whole scandal will go away.

And now, MPs are warning that the Liberal government continues to obstruct an investigation:

“MPs from the procedure and House affairs committee have sent a letter to Charette, who is Canada’s top civil servant, following up on their previous request for answers.

The letter obtained by The Canadian Press was signed by Conservative, Bloc Québécois and New Democrat MPs.

Jody Thomas, the prime minister’s national security adviser, told the committee early last month that she would disclose the dates when Trudeau received intelligence briefings about alleged meddling in Canadian elections.

But the letter’s signatories say no such information has been provided, and they are accusing officials of a deliberate effort to obstruct the committee’s study of foreign interference.”

As odious as this is, why should anyone be surprised?

The Liberals did the same thing with the National Microbiology Lab Leak, hiding all the information and even ignoring the Liberal-appointed House Speaker when they were ordered to produce relevant documents.

The Trudeau Government is acting exactly like a government would act if they were desperately hiding something terrible, and Canadians must keep up the pressure to get past this obstruction and make sure the China election interference scandal stays top of mind rather than fading away as the Liberals are desperately trying to make happen.

Spencer Fernando


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