Justin Trudeau – Who Was Born Into Wealth & Power And Thinks Budgets Balance Themselves – Is Lecturing You On How To Spend Your Money

What a joke.

Try to think of anyone less qualified than Justin Trudeau to lecture Canadians about spending money.

I’ll wait…

It’s a tough challenge.

Justin Trudeau was born into wealth and power. He had everything handed to him.

He thinks budgets balance themselves.

He’s run massive budget deficits, and doubled Canada’s national debt in just 7 years.

He’s moved our country in a more socialist direction, and his economic illiteracy combined with his eco extremist views have hurt our energy sector and made life more expensive while enriching authoritarian energy producing nations.

He’s raised taxes over and over again, stealing more of our money.

He tells Canadians to ‘sacrifice’ for ‘climate action,’ while racking up a massive carbon footprint on repeated vacations on the taxpayer dime.

So, if there’s anyone who should keep their mouth shut when it comes to lecturing others about spending money, it would be Justin Trudeau.

But of course, Justin Trudeau won’t let his own rampant hypocrisy stop him:

Nick makes a great point here. It’s interesting that Trudeau just assumes everything is bought with a credit card, since he has no real sense of having to work to earn a paycheque. And as the leader of the country, Trudeau just pushes up Canada’s ‘credit card’ debt, leaving it to others to pay off and deal with the consequences.

You can see in the faces of the audience that many aren’t buying what Trudeau is saying. At a certain point, the arrogant elitist lectures becoming completely tiring, and come across as a total joke when they don’t align with Trudeau’s own history and actions.

The fact is that the average Canadian knows far more about working hard and balancing a budget than Justin Trudeau, and we should be empowering Canadians instead of being led by an absolute joke of a PM like Trudeau.

Spencer Fernando

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