The Trudeau Liberal Government Is Now “Looking At” Seizing Control Over Western Canada’s Natural Resources

With our national unity already fracturing, the Trudeau Liberals seem intent on ripping the country apart.

Canada is more divided than we have been in a long time.

And now, the Liberals are considering launching a direct assault on Western Canada’s natural resources.

In recent comments, Trudeau justice minister David Lametti said the federal government is “looking at” rescinding the legislation that gives Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba control over their natural resources:

“Canada’s Attorney General and Justice Minister David Lametti has committed to “looking at” rescinding Natural Resources Transfer Agreements to the provinces.

In the 1930s, Canada entered into a series of agreements that transferred federal administration and control over land and natural resources to Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba.”

Make no mistake, such a move would amount to a seizure of Western Canada’s natural resources, and an end to Canada as we know it.

Of course, no Trudeau has ever said they would seize the resources of Quebec.

This all about attacking and weakening a region of the country that votes Conservative.

Trudeau has been relentless in seeking to crush the Western Canadian energy sector, and has only been somewhat held back by the fact that we are nation where the power of the federal government is limited. Now, his minister’s are musing about overturning that.

In a statement, Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe lambasted the remarks and warned against this infringement on the provinces:

“The federal Justice Minister says he will look at taking control over natural resources away from the provinces.

It’s an outrageous statement.

Read my response below.”

Attack on the Western provinces must be stopped

The Liberals are determined to break apart our once great nation. They keep attacking the West, and this proposed seizure of Western Canada’s natural resources is the most dangerous yet.

It is beyond clear to all who love and respect our country that the Liberals cannot remain in power. They must be defeated, or else the damage they are doing will be impossible to recover from.

Spencer Fernando


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