Trudeau’s Cultural Revolution

Erasure of Canadian history in the new passport is another way in which Trudeau follows the example of Communist China.

From 1966 to 1976, China was in the grips of the “cultural revolution.”

The cultural revolution was an attempt by Chinese Communist dictator Mao Zedong to destroy what he called the “Four Olds”: Old ideas, old customs, old culture, old habits.

A significant number of historical sites, temples, libraries, and museums were destroyed in an attempt to remove repositories of historical knowledge. Aspects of Chinese culture that were connected to tradition, or to capitalism, or even basic freedom of thought, were wiped out.

History was rewritten to fight into the Maoist narrative.

Independent voices, including academics with a knowledge of the past, artists, and intellectuals were either intimidated into compliance through ‘struggle sessions’ (which have a disturbing contemporary analogue in neo-communist woke ‘cancellation’), or simply jailed/executed.

In 1973 – amid the cultural revolution – Pierre Elliott Trudeau went on one of his many visits to China. He had long provided crucial political cover to the Chinese Communist State, and was pro-CCP even amid their most brutal moments. Pierre Elliot Trudeau clearly shared Mao’s desire to reshape and wipe out history in order to install a new narrative. Unfortunately for Canadians, he passed that same mindset on to his son.

Justin Trudeau has long spoken about wanting Canada to be a “post-national state.” This concept is itself heavily linked to Communism, as the Communists cast themselves as proponents of an ideology that would encompass the entire world and do away with nations altogether at some point. Communists also found national movements to be an obstacle, because many peoples have a history of trade, decentralized power, and some semblance of individual rights, many of which had been fought for in conflicts to establish and maintain a national identity.

The key thing is that Communists want to massively reshape everything, and it’s difficult to do that when there is already something in place. So, that ‘something’ has to be weakened and erased, creating a blank slate upon which Communism can be established.

That is what we are seeing at work here in Canada, and the horrendous passport redesign is an example of that.

The redesigned passport is an attempt to erase Canadian historical memory. It removes Vimy Ridge. It removes Terry Fox, and it removes references to Quebec City. In the place of those historical markers are some generic looking graphics that appear to be nothing more than random stock photos.

In Question Period, Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre slammed the Liberal move to erase Canadian history:

“Out-of-touch Trudeau wants to erase our history. I will bring home pride in our symbols & stories.”

Trudeau’s Cultural Revolution

What are seeing from Trudeau is an attempt to make Canadian history seem empty and meaningless, making it all the more easy for him to impose his own vision of Canada on the entire country. It’s no coincidence that the Liberals are doing this at the same time as they muse about banning reporting that uses anonymous sources and as they impose Bill C-11 to control what content Canadians can consume online.

Ironically, the only time the Liberals express concern for Canadian culture is when use that as a cover for censorship/media-control schemes, yet they have no problem erasing that history from our passports.

Step by step, Trudeau has sought to impose his own Cultural Revolution on Canada. He has disdain for Canada’s history of being a nation of rugged individuals, a nation that often had a strong military and a willingness to stand up for freedom, and a nation that prioritized individual rights & freedoms over centralized state control.

The two biggest outliers to the core identity and history of Canada have been Justin Trudeau and Pierre Elliott Trudeau, who just so happen to be the biggest fans of Communist China. And now, Justin Trudeau appears set on finishing what his father started: Fully disconnecting our country from our history to enable a complete collectivist takeover.

Spencer Fernando


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