The New Revelations Shared By Erin O’Toole Have Destroyed What Little Remained Of David Johnston’s Credibility

Only the most extreme and rabid Trudeau cultists could deny that David Johnston was put in place to make sure a real inquiry never happens.

David Johnston’s report was quite lengthy.

And yet, it was one of the best examples of substituting quantity for quality.

The report was designed to give the appearance of action, to make Canadians feel as if something was being done, without something actually being done.

And more than that, it was designed to do exactly what Justin Trudeau wanted from the beginning: Make sure an inquiry never took place.

Johnston’s report was very selective, and not in a good way.

It focused on the few media stories the government felt it could push back on, something meant to cast doubt on all reporting on China’s election interference. As noted in previous articles, Johnston spent much of his time criticizing the media during his press conference, and the Trudeau Foundation is not mentioned once in the entire document.

With his report, Johnston has crushed his previously-strong reputation, destroying his legacy:

“TFW you’ve spent a lifetime building up a stellar and nearly unimpeachable reputation and were largely beloved by your countrymen only for you to absolutely ruin it all in like 3 months for no particularly good reason:”

Yet, if Johnston had even a shred of credibility left, new revelations shared today by former CPC Leader Erin O’Toole have destroyed the last of it:

“Breaking: Erin O’Toole is speaking about his CSIS briefing regarding PRC alleged intelligence attacks on him, he says in relation to his actions as leader of the oppostion. This comes in the middle of the debate on removing Johnston as special reporter on PRC interference.”


“Here’s the key part of Erin O’Toole’s half hour speech in the House of Commons on what CSIS told him about China’s interference aimed at him and the Conservative Party.”

O’Toole revealed that CSIS told him the Chinese Communist Party used their United Front Works Department to spread misinformation about him, a tactic Communist China uses within Chinese diaspora communities. O’Toole also says China’s actions impeded his work as a member of Parliament.

Now, it’s obvious that the Trudeau government would have been aware of this when it was happening. Trudeau and his cronies simply chose not to inform O’Toole about it.

Further, this information wasn’t part of David Johnston’s report. In fact, O’Toole’s revelations directly contradict Johnston’s claims:

“Rapporteur David Johnston’s findings in his first report completely contradict Erin O’Toole’s testimony today that CSIS briefings showed a well-coordinated campaign against him and the CPC which was funded by the PRC and its United Front proxy groups.

Fire him.

“There was concern about information circulating about Mr. O’Toole’s posture on China. The CPC provided information to the PCO, which in turn provided it to the SITE Task Force to investigate. The conclusion was that, although information had been circulating, it was unable to tie it to a state-sponsored source. Mr. O’Toole continued to assert over the next several months that PRC interference cost the party eight or nine seats. As explained in my section on my conclusions, it is hard to accept this assertion, which has been rejected by the SITE Task Force and the 2021 Panel.””

Remember, O’Toole had pointed out that when Johnston met with him to discuss the then-upcoming report, it had already been sent to translation services, meaning it was finished. Johnston was just giving the appearance of listening to O’Toole, with no intention of including any information O’Toole shared with him.

Additionally, Johnston has said he had access to classified information, meaning he would also have known about China’s efforts against the Conservatives. Knowing that, he still chose to do Justin Trudeau’s bidding rather than level with Canadians.

Now, only the most rabid Trudeau cultists could believe that Johnston was acting in good faith as ‘special rapporteur.’ Everyone else can see that Johnston did exactly what he was appointed to do: Protect Justin Trudeau at all costs.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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