Foreign Agent? To Protect Canadian Democracy & National Security, Steven Guilbeault Has To Go

It goes without saying that Canada cannot have a federal minister working for Communist China.

The Liberal refusal to hold a public inquiry into China’s foreign interference, and their deliberate slow-walking of a foreign agent registry has often seemed puzzling to political observers.

After all, the Liberals have experienced a dramatic drop in the polls since the China interference scandal was first revealed. That drop, combined with the cost-of-living crisis, economic stagnation, and rising crime, now has the Liberals trailing by a significant margin.

Thus, it would be a logical political move for the Liberals to support a public inquiry into China’s interference, and to be seen taking action to protect our democratic institutions from Communist China.

However, that assumes the Liberals are being driven primarily by political concerns. Rather, it seems they are driven by ideological and legal concerns, which indicates the truth is quite dire.

On the ideological front, it’s long been obvious that Justin Trudeau has an unhealthy affinity for Communist China. From the beginning of his time as Prime Minister, Trudeau sought to move Canada closer to China’s orbit, even showing a willingness to sign an extradition treaty and free trade deal with the Communist State.

Only the backlash against China following the emergence of Covid-19, opposition to China’s treatment of the Uyghurs, and China’s kidnapping of two Canadian Citizens stopped Trudeau’s attempt to make Canada subservient to China. Canadian public opinion, strong opposition from the Conservatives, and some pushback from backbench Liberal MPs, along with the likelihood of immense behind-the-scenes pressure from our democratic allies made it untenable for Trudeau to push his pro-China views any further.

At least on the surface.

Because as it turns out, even as the Liberals were posturing about taking a slightly-tougher line against China, the Liberals were benefitting from China’s interference in our democratic system.

And, a top Liberal Minister – who has been empowered by Trudeau to weaken Western Canadahas been working within the Chinese Communist Regime itself:

“If it isn’t bad enough that Guilbeault is making nice with China, he is also directly part of a committee run by the Chinese Communist Party itself, in what seems to be a massive conflict of interest given his role as Canada’s environment minister:

As noted by Brian Lilley, “Guilbeault is also currently listed as Executive Vice Chairperson of the Executive Committee of the CCICED.”

The CCICED is run by the Ministry of Ecology and Environment of the Chinese Communist State.”

Foreign agent?

As aptly noted by GrizzAlberta on Twitter, this may explain why the Liberal are opposed to a foreign agent registry: Steven Guilbeault would potentially be required to register for it:

“Although Guilbeault has crossed lines before this is abhorrent, anti-national security and unacceptable. How is this even possible? Why is he allowed to serve on a PRC Board? No wonder CA doesn’t have a foreign agent registry because Guilbeault would have to register.”

For example, consider how Australia describes their foreign agent registry (often seen as a model for a Canadian version given that Australia is also dealing with the problem of Chinese Communist Party interference):

“Individuals or entities are required to register certain activities (registrable activities) under the scheme if they are taken on behalf of a foreign principal.”

When Guilbeault seeks to weaken and ultimately destroy the oil & gas sector in Western Canada at the same time has he advocates for China being allowed to continue ramping up emissions or get breaks on the timetables he applies to Canada, is he not acting in a way that hurts Canadians while benefitting the economic and political interests of the Chinese Communist Party?

And, given that China is engaged in massive military buildup explicitly aimed at countering the United States, NATO, and thus by extension Canada, is not Guilbeault promoting China’s military interests when he seeks to weaken the economic resiliency of the West while letting China roar ahead?

The mere fact that we must now ask such questions because Guilbeault serves within a Chinese Communist government committee makes it clear that he cannot remain in his position.

To protect Canadian democracy and national security, Steven Guilbeault has to go.

Spencer Fernando


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