Desperate Liberal Government Suspends Carbon Tax On Home Heating Oil For Three Years

The Liberals are now tacitly admitting that Pierre Poilievre’s is right about the carbon tax.

For a long time, the Conservatives were on the defensive, reacting to the Liberal narrative.

But since Pierre Poilievre – the best communicator the party has had in many years – it’s the Liberals who have been put on the back foot.

This has been reflected in the polls, which have steadily worsened for the Liberals. Now, multiple national surveys put them up to 14 points behind.

And so, the Liberals are desperate.

And in their desperation, they are finally making some concessions to both political and economic reality:

“PM Trudeau announces a three-year pause of the carbon tax on home heating oil.”

Remember, the Liberals have repeatedly said there could be no change to the carbon tax because the policy was necessary to help ‘save the planet.’

They attacked Pierre Poilievre’s opposition to the carbon tax, claiming it showed he had “no climate plan.”

But now, they are – without directly saying so – admitting that they realize Poilievre is right.

At an event promoted as “making life more affordable,” they announced the carbon tax pause on home heating, a clear admission that the carbon tax makes life less affordable.

This is a demonstration of how desperate the Liberals are, and how strong Poilievre has been on the carbon tax issue.

The Liberals are now responding to the Conservatives as economic reality makes it abundantly clear that the carbon tax is a disastrous policy.

Now, the next step is to go much further and repeal the carbon tax entirely. After all, as MP Shuv Majumdar noted, why shouldn’t all Canadians get a break on the carbon tax?

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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