Trudeau’s Carbon Tax Flip-Flop Is A Tacit Acknowledgment The Policy Was A Scam From The Start

If Canadians were really getting more from the rebates than they paid, and if the carbon tax was really necessary to ‘save the planet,’ how can any exceptions be given?

For many years now, I’ve been saying the carbon tax is a scam.

I said it when the carbon tax was popular.

I said it when the Conservatives – under their previous leadership – were looking at bringing in their own carbon tax.

And I continued to say it as support for the policy declined.

Still, I must admit that I’m a bit surprised to see Justin Trudeau now tacitly joining the ‘carbon tax is a scam’ crowd.

Of course, he didn’t say it directly.

But his recent act of political desperation – suspending the carbon tax on home heating oil – is an acknowledgment that the carbon tax was a fraud from the beginning.

Remember, the Liberals have made two main points in defending the tax.

The first is that people got back more from the rebates than they paid in the tax.

This has already been disproven, with the majority of Canadians paying more than they get back.

The second is that the carbon tax was necessary to save the planet, and that any opposition to the policy represented a ‘dangerous’ lack of a ‘climate plan.’

Now, if those things were true, giving a break on home heating oil would make no sense.

If people got back more than they paid, suspending the tax on home heating oil would cost people more than they would save, leaving people worse off.

And if the carbon tax was necessary to save the planet, giving a break on home heating oil would be a dangerous and regressive move that would make the planet burn.

So, by suspending the carbon tax on home heating oil, the Liberals are admitting that they’ve been lying to the country this entire time.

The truth is that the carbon tax takes more money from Canadians than the rebate gives back, and that the carbon tax does nothing for the global climate.

Canada could shut our entire economy down, and even a tiny increase in China’s emissions would wipe out any impact.

Of course, the Liberals knew this from the beginning.

The facts haven’t changed.

Rather, what’s changed is that the Liberals are desperate.

With the economy in such a moribund state, Canadians have turned against the carbon tax. And with their support in Atlantic Canada dropping fast, the Liberals are trying to shore up a key bastion of their support.

And so, the carbon tax is revealed to have been a policy that was promoted on a fraudulent basis, and Justin Trudeau is now destroying his own argument for the carbon tax.

It’s a vindication of all those who have spent years criticizing the carbon tax, it’s a vindication for Pierre Poilievre and the Conservatives, and it’s a vindication of facts over a policy that has done nothing but harm our country.

Now, it’s time to axe the tax entirely and put the carbon tax scam in the rearview mirror.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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