Following Trudeau’s Pathetic Example, Liberal MP Carolyn Bennett Conflates Anti-Semitism With ‘Islamophobia’

Trudeau and his ilk seem pathologically unable to condemn anti-Semitism without also throwing in a reference to ‘Islamophobia,’ as they continue to ignore the fact that much of the surging hatred towards Jewish Canadians is coming from radical Islamists.

At this point, it’s either just a really amazing coincidence, or it’s a talking point the government has sent around.

Almost certainly, it’s the latter.

Because it is now obvious that most Liberals – with a few principled exceptions – are simply unwilling to denounce the surge of virulent anti-Semitism without also throwing in a reference to ‘Islamophobia.’

Liberal MP Carolyn Bennett is one of the latest Liberal MPs to do so:

“Canadians have the right to assemble peacefully. But there is NO tolerance for antisemitism, Islamophobia, or hate of any kind. It is completely unacceptable for hateful language or imagery like the swastika anywhere. Everyone must condemn it.”

Conflating Anti-Semitism and Islamophobia simply makes zero sense.

As I’ve said before, we aren’t seeing a bunch of Jewish People in Canada attending anti-Islam rallies or calling for the destruction of Muslim countries.

What we ARE seeing is a bunch of anti-Semites going around and chanting slogans calling for genocide against Jewish People in Israel, threatening Jewish People, and pushing for boycotts specifically targeted against Jewish-owned businesses. And the simple reality is that many of those who are spreading vile anti-Semitism are Muslim individuals.

In much of the Muslim world, anti-Semitism runs rampant, and we are seeing those horrific attitudes spreading here in Canada.

The refusal to acknwoledge this, and the refusal to call out the horrific spread of hatred against Jewish Canadians is a massive failure on the part of leaders like Justin Trudeau, and every Liberal MP that is unwilling to simply condemn anti-Semitism without trying to water it down is becoming complicit in the normalization of hate against Jewish People.

How does it make any sense that in the wake of the most horrific mass killing of Jewish People since the Holocaust, we now have politicians acting as if ‘Islamophobia’ is the issue here. The real issue is that many radical Islamists are attempting to normalize anti-Jewish hate, and are seeking to turn Canada from a tolerant and free nation into a nation where hate and oppression dominates.

Cowardly fools like Bennett and Trudeau have made it obvious that they have no business holding any position of power in this country.

Spencer Fernando


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