The More The Trudeau Government Conflates Anti-Semitism & Islamophobia, The More Dangerous Canada Becomes

Not only is the government refusing to recognize the uniqueness of the threat facing Jewish Canadians, but their constant refrain of ‘Islamophobia’ means they are actively seeking to distract from the fact that radical Islamism is a serious and growing danger to the freedom and safety of all Canadians.

The Liberal government just won’t stop comparing anti-Semitism to Islamophobia, and they just won’t stop pretending both are an equal problem right now.

Liberal MP Jennifer O’Connell – who was previously denounced for praising anti-Semitic rally organizers – recently met with Amira Elgahawaby to discuss “the concerning rise of Islamophobia and how we can combat it.”

“Thank you to @AmiraElghawaby, Canada’s Special Representative on Combatting Islamophobia, for the important work you do. Hate & discrimination have no place in   Today with @DLeBlancNB & @KamalKheraLib we discussed the concerning rise of Islamophobia & how we can combat it.”

Countless Liberal cabinet Ministers and Liberal MPs have been doing this, including the Defence Minister:

“Today, I met with Canada’s Special Representative on Combatting Islamophobia, @AmiraElghawaby. Islamophobia must have no place in Canada. We must and will work together to eradicate this hatred – and to build a more inclusive military culture in the @CanadianForces.”

A more dangerous nation

Now, I’ve already written in the past about how appalling it is for the government to be talking so much about Islamophobia at a time when we are in the midst of a surge of anti-Semitism that is worse than anything seen since the 1930s/1940s.

What also now must be said is that this isn’t only appalling, but it’s also incredibly dangerous.

And here, I’m going to completely set aside political correctness.

We must speak plainly.

We must speak the truth.

And the truth is that we have imported a significant amount of this vicious anti-Semitism through our immigration system.

We have brought people to this country who are deeply anti-Semitic, have made no effort to promote Western values, have failed to uphold the primacy of Western Civilization, have said ‘all cultures are equal,’ and then we act shocked when it turns out we have allowed deeply anti-Semitic, anti-Western, and anti-Canadian attitudes to grow and fester in our nation.

We must have the honesty and the courage to admit this. A key source of the vile surge of anti-Semitism in Canada is being driven by Islamists, and it is thus logical for many Canadians to fear radical Islam and to believe that our country should stop importing it.

It’s not ‘Islamophobia,’ it’s logical self-preservation for the Western world

We can no longer pretend that the justified fear many have towards radical Islam is some sort of irrational ‘phobia.’

Rather, it is a logical move of self-preservation, a point made quite effectively by Ontario MPP Goldie Ghamari:

“Serious question: at what point will it become acceptable for me as a politician to say that I don’t want these antisemitic Islamofacist Nazis in Canada?

They’re just getting started. We’re next.”

When faced with a radical supremacist anti-Semitic ideological force like the Islamists, it is prudent and necessary for the Western world to be able to speak about the threat and confront it.

This does not mean supporting anti-Muslim sentiment, because that would be wrongly judging individuals on the basis of their religion.

But it does mean addressing the fact that radical Islam is not compatible with Western Civilization, and that bringing that threat into our country has clearly resulted in a surge of anti-Semitism and pro terror sentiment that cannot be allowed.

What many Liberal politicians are doing however is lumping two things together. They are pretending that mistreatment of individual Muslims – which is not acceptable – is somehow the same as opposing radical Islam, and then calling both of those things ‘Islamophobia,’ and then claiming that ‘Islamophobia’ is the same as anti-Semitism despite much of the surge in anti-Semitism being driven by Islamists.

That attempt to muddy the waters and distract from what’s really going on in Canada and the Western world is deeply dangerous, because it is meant to deliberately confuse people and deliberately deflect attention away from both the unique surge in hate towards Jewish People, and away from the groups that are playing a key role in perpetuating and escalating that hate.

Furthermore, when radical Islamists see that they can spread hate against Jewish Canadians and then claim victimhood status, they are perversely being incentivized to spread more hate.

Thus, in order to save the Western world, save Canadian values, and truly defend the Jewish community, we need leaders across our country who are willing to openly admit what is taking place and openly acknowledge that radical Islamists are a threat to this nation and our way of life rather than wrongly and dangerously conflating anti-Semitism and ‘Islamophobia.’

Spencer Fernando

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