Trudeau’s Net Approval Rating Is Now -33 Points

Brutal numbers for the failed PM as Canadians continue to decisively turn against him.

If there’s one thing that best defines Justin Trudeau’s tenure as Prime Minister, aside from his outright stupidity regarding economic issues and Canada’s national defence, it’s his utter lack of any set principles.

Trudeau will say whatever he has to in the moment, only to immediately reverse himself the moment he sees more political benefit elsewhere.

We are watching this play out in real time, as his initial strong words of support for Israel have turned into a disgusting game of false-equivalence which has led to Trudeau being denounced by both Israel’s Prime Minister and Israel’s Opposition Leader.

More broadly, Canadians are catching on to the fact that Trudeau has neither the intellect nor the ethical foundation to adequately govern this nation.

And now, with everything in the country getting worse and worse, his poll numbers are going from merely terrible to full-blown collapse territory:

According to a new Abacus Data poll, 58% of Canadians have a negative impression of Justin Trudeau, up from 53% in their previous poll.

Just 25% have a positive impression of the PM, down from 29% in the previous poll.

Simply put, there’s no way the Liberals get re-elected when more than twice as many Canadians have a negative impression of the PM than a positive impression.

And things are also getting worse for Trudeau’s coalition partner Jagmeet Singh.

Singh’s net approval is now negative, with 36% of Canadians expressing a negative view of the NDP leader, compared to 32% who express a positive view.

Pierre Poilievre is thus the only federal party leader with a net positive rating. 37% of Canadians view Poilievre positively, while 33% view him negatively.

Poilievre’s net approval rating of +4 points is now a whopping 37 points higher than Trudeau’s.

Government approval falls

Trudeau’s falling standing among the public also matches what Canadians are saying about the government itself.

58% of Canadians disapprove of the federal government, while 26% approve. This shows Canadians see Trudeau and the government as one in the same, and are completely fed up with both.

Only one real alternative

The Liberals keep trying everything they can to turn their awful poll numbers around, but nothing is working. And it’s not working because – as we’ve noted before – this isn’t a communications problem. It’s a reality problem. Things in Canada are objectively bad and are getting worse, and Canadians see both Trudeau and Singh as responsible for the dire state of things.

Pierre Poilievre by contrast is the only federal leader that is offering a real significant shift in policy, and that means he’s the only real alternative for Canadians who actually want to see positive change in Canada.

Spencer Fernando


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