Justin Trudeau’s ‘Free Speech Absolutism’ Seems Oddly Focused On Defending Radical Islamists

Compare and contrast Trudeau’s actions amid rampant anti-Semitic hate fests and his reaction to the Freedom Convoy.

Every once in a while, Justin Trudeau talks as if he is a free speech absolutist.

Consider what he said just today amid surging anti-Semitic hate protests:

“Trudeau lectures – “People are forgetting …we’re a country that protects the freedom of expression, that protects liberty of conscience, that respects & supports people even when we disagree with them…we’re a place that does diversity better than just about anywhere else.””

As noted by Andrew Lawton, Trudeau didn’t apply that same sentiment to the Freedom Convoy:

Selective empathy

One of the most disturbing things about Justin Trudeau is that he seems to show the most empathy towards those who hate Canada and hate the Western world. Whenever he is confronted about the government giving over $10 million in taxpayer dollars to Omar Khadr, or whenever he is asked about the threat posed by radical Islamists and anti-Semites, he starts to talk about ‘human rights’ and ‘free speech.’

Yet, when confronted by right-leaning domestic opposition, Trudeau gets enraged, demonizes people as much as he can, and uses state power to take away people’s rights.

The contrast is now undeniable, and it shows that Justin Trudeau’s values are fundamentally out of step with Canadians.

If you’re only a free speech absolutist when it comes to defending radical Islamists, then you aren’t a free speech absolutist at all, you’re an apologist and enabler of the most regressive ideology in the world.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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