SICK: Liberal MP Ken Hardie Attempts To Blame Pierre Poilievre For Winnipeg Mass Shooting

Crime has surged under the pathetic & weak on crime Liberals. Yet, a Liberal MP is attempting to blame this on the Conservative Leader. It’s sick, and it shows there is literally no depth to which the Liberals won’t sink.

While the bought-off Trudeau media continues to attack Pierre Poilievre for accurately quoting news reports, they are completely ignoring an absolutely disgusting claim made by a Liberal MP.

Following a mass shooting in Winnipeg that resulted in the deaths of four people, Liberal MP Ken Hardie attempted to blame Pierre Poilievre:

“Beyond troubling to see another mass shooting in Canada, now in Winnipeg. And we’ve lost so many police officers. Might it be the anti-social ‘burn everything down’ far-right attitude we’re seeing creeping in from the US? And the ‘creep’ on the Canadian side? Pierre Poilievre?”

Hardie appears to be unaware that the Liberals are currently in power, and have been for eight years.

Crime has surged under the Liberals’ soft on crime policies, yet Hardie is attempting to blame Pierre Poilievre.

It’s sick.

Hardie and the Liberals are completely willing to tear down this nation by relentlessly escalating their rhetoric until Canadians of different partisan stripes see each other as the enemy, which is the exact kind of dangerous process that can lead to disaster. But the Liberals don’t care. They’ll say anything, and they’ll do anything to remain in power, and their bought-off media will keep letting them get away with it.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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