Versace Socialist Jagmeet Singh Competes With Trudeau For Title Of Biggest Hypocrite In Ottawa

Together, they are wrecking our nation, as socialists always do.

Jagmeet Singh was recently spotted carrying a Versace bag.

This has generated a significant backlash, which would seem surprising without the context of who Jagmeet Singh is as a politician.

Just look at some of his most recent Tweets:

“Corporate greed is driving up the cost of food.

Both the Liberals and Conservatives have had the chance to tackle this greed — but they haven’t.

Our bill is about giving more power to the people and less to greedy CEOs.”

“Justin Trudeau’s plan for housing will only enrich wealthy developers — not help Canadians who are struggling to put a roof over their head.

He has no plan to build affordable homes. We do.”

“Every single one of these workers and leaders has done more to take on greedy CEOs, secure better jobs and bigger paycheques for Canadians than Justin Trudeau and Pierre Poillievre combined.

Thank you for having me – Toronto Labour Council – I’ll always have your back.”

“Look, I know you’ve noticed. The Liberals and Conservatives haven’t offered a single real solution to bring grocery prices down.

But, I’ve lived a different life from Justin Trudeau and Pierre Poilievre.

I’ve experienced struggle and I want you to know that I got you.”

Singh actually grew up quite wealthy, and is quite wealthy himself.

Yet, every Tweet and statement he makes seems like an attack on anyone who is successful.

He blames ‘greedy CEOs’ for everything, without ever talking about the role of government in wrecking things.

And this is what gets people so angry.

Jagmeet Singh clearly feels entitled to a life of wealth and luxury, while he supports policies that would make every Canadian poorer.

He’s in a competition with Justin Trudeau over who can be the biggest hypocrite in Canada.

Just look at how the country keeps getting worse amid the NDP-Liberal Pact.

Trudeau and Singh are pushing an agenda that robs us of our tax dollars, wastes tens of billions on subsidies to hire foreign workers, drives out real investment, and increases immigration far beyond our ability to manage it.

And that’s why Versace Socialists like Jagmeet Singh should not only be ignored, but should be defeated and removed from any position of political power. He and Trudeau will continue to do immense damage to this nation as long as they continue to have influence.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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