Another Poll Shows Massive Opposition To Trudeau’s Huge Immigration Increases

With extreme immigration increases, the Liberals have managed to destroy the pro-immigration consensus in Canada.

At this point, it’s tough to think of something the Trudeau Liberal government hasn’t ruined.

Now, we can add Canada’s immigration system and immigration consensus to the list.

The Liberals have rapidly ramped up immigration far beyond the already-generous numbers under the Harper government.

At every step of the way, no matter what criticism they received, no matter how much they heard about the unsustainability of these huge increases, the Liberals pressed ahead. In their total ignorance, the Liberals ignored all the warnings and continued to impose immigration increases that have made Canada an outlier in much of the developed world.

In fact, Canada’s immigration levels are about half of what the US brings in, despite our country having just 1/9th the US population.

Yet, as the Liberals push ahead with these massive immigration increases, the Canadian People are making it absolutely clear that they oppose what the Liberals are doing.

According to a new Abacus Data poll, 67% of Canadians say the Liberal immigration target is “too high.”

Meanwhile, 23% say it is “about right.”

Just 2% say it is “too low.”

The intensity of opposition to the Liberal immigration targets is also astounding.

A full 40% of Canadians say the Liberal targets are “way too high,” while 27% say the targets are “too high.”

By contrast – as mentioned above – just 2% say the targets are “too low,” and nobody said the targets were “way too low.”

Public opinion is also trending against the Liberals, as the number of people who say the targets are either “way too high” or “too high” has increased by six points since July, while the number who say the targets are “about right” has dropped five points in that time span.

What we are seeing here is that after years of the Liberals ramping up immigration, demonizing Western values, ignoring the need for integration, and wrecking the economy, the Liberal have managed to destroy the pro-immigration consensus that once existed in this country.

It’s time for the government to start listening to Canadians and start cutting immigration levels NOW.

Spencer Fernando


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