Why Hasn’t Trudeau Invoked The Emergencies Act In Response To Surging Anti-Semitism?

Groups openly linked to terror supporters are blocking national infrastructure. They are supporting the agenda of hostile foreign regimes and undermining our nation from within. They are spreading hatred and threats against Jewish Canadians. So, why hasn’t the Emergencies Act been invoked?

The use of the Emergencies Act against the Freedom Convoy was one of the most shameful moments in Canadian history.

It was also one of the most disturbing.

Canadians had their bank accounts frozen, peaceful protestors were treated like terrorists, and some – like Tamara Lich – are still being attacked by a government determined to ‘make an example’ of those who would ‘dare’ to speak out against the denial of our rights as Canadians.

More than that, there is a real sense that the Emergencies Act was invoked for purely political reasons. For the first time, Justin Trudeau faced an organized protest movement made up of regular Canadians – rather than the career protestors on the left. The protest was largely focused on his own actions, and took place in the national capital, thus causing some ‘inconvenience’ for the governing elite.

Thus, the heavy-handed response.

Anti-Semitism surges

Now however, Canada is experiencing a different kind of national disgrace.

Across the country, people are openly marching in support of terrorist organizations like Hamas. Events are being organized by groups that not only deny the Holocaust, but also deny Hamas horrific terror attacks against Israel.

People have thrown Molotov Cocktails at Jewish centres.

People are pushing fascist-Germany style boycotts of Jewish-owned businesses.

People are openly threatening genocide against Israel.

Groups linked to terrorists openly operate within our nation.

And now, even national infrastructure is being blocked:

Let’s be absolutely clear about what is happening here. Groups either linked to or funded by hostile foreign regimes like Iran, or groups that willing push the propaganda line of those hostile foreign regimes and terror groups, are operating with impunity against our nation, seeking to whip up hate against Jewish Canadians.

History shows that the rhetoric being pushed by those hateful groups often leads to violence. Many Jewish Canadians are now openly wondering whether Canada is going to remain safe for Jewish People.

This is an attack on our values as Canadians, and on our nation itself.

And so, if there was ever a time for the use of the Emergencies Act, now would be it. Remember, Hamas is a listed terror organization in Canada. Any organization that is linked to Hamas, or that is pushing the message of Hamas is thus aiding and abetting a terrorist organization. Any group seeking to spread hate and violence against Jewish People is committing a crime.

To stem the tide of anti-Semitism, the government must first send a clear message – rather than the pathetic and gutless statements we see from Trudeau and other cabinet ministers.

Invoking the Emergencies Act to crack down on anti-Semitism would make it abundantly clear that Canada will not allow our nation to be taken over by anti-Semitic genocidal terror supporters.

So of course, Trudeau won’t do this.

He won’t do it because he is desperate for votes from anti-Semites.

He won’t do it because the anti-Semites aren’t explicitly focused on him, thus he doesn’t really see it as his problem.

And he won’t do it because there are members of the Liberal government and the NDP who are basically pushing Hamas’ messaging.

So, after invoking the Emergencies Act against Patriotic Canadians during the Freedom Convoy, Trudeau won’t invoke it against anti-Canadian, anti-Western, anti-Semitic terrorist sympathizers, further showing his disgusting hypocrisy.

Spencer Fernando


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