Eco-Commie Guilbeault’s EV Mandate Is A Deliberate Attack On Our Freedom & Prosperity

Communist control freaks like Guilbeault refuse to let the market work, and instead use state power to force us to buy what the government decrees.

Is the government supposed to protect our rights and freedoms from internal and external threats?

Most of us common-sense people would say so.

But that’s not how eco-Communist control freaks like Steven Guilbeault see things.

For Guilbeault and his fellow Communists, the government exists to make us – by force – fulfill some sort of creepy vision of a ‘perfect world,’ without any regard for our own choices and without any regard for the consequences.

Today, Steven Guilbeault and the Trudeau Liberals took another step towards turning Canada into a Communist hellhole.

Guilbeault announced that the government is decreeing all cars sold by 2035 will have to be electric vehicles:

“Getting to 100% EVs & plug-in Hybrids is a win-win-win for Canadians:

‍Save thousands of $ on fueling & maintenance
⚡️Save the planet & our lungs from harmful emissions
Support a robust EV supply chain in Canada

The EV Availability Standard drives us toward a better future.”

The framing here is classic Communist double-speak.

Guilbeault is calling this an “EV Availability Standard”, but it’s actually a ban on the sale of gas/diesel powered cars and trucks by 2035.

Thus, it’s really an “internal combustion engine unavailability mandate”.

And this is exactly what Communists do: They take away your freedom, screw up the market, impose government force on us, and make everything worse.

This is a deliberate attack on our freedom, and on our prosperity as Canadians. The Liberals are planning to force all of us – in a cold weather nation – to purchase cars that are far more expensive and far less reliable in the cold.

The only good thing here is that the polls show the Liberals on track for a massive defeat, so a new federal government can reverse Guilbeault’s Communist policies.

Still, the fact that our nation let someone like Guilbeault rise to a position of power is deeply disturbing, and it’s something we must never let happen again.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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