Galen Weston Has A Better Net Approval Rating Than Justin Trudeau

Jagmeet Singh left to cope and seethe.

Over the past year, much of the bought-off media along with Justin Trudeau and Jagmeet Singh did everything they could to make Galen Weston the scapegoat for inflation in Canada.

Despite the Bank of Canada publishing a study showing food price inflation wasn’t due to ‘price gouging,’ and despite inflation having been driven by Liberal-NDP policies like the carbon tax, attacks on the energy sector, and rampant overspending, Trudeau & Singh tried to make Weston the face of Canada’s cost of living crisis.

Jagmeet Singh even massively hyped-up a hearing in which he ‘confronted’ Weston, only for Weston to show far more command of the facts and a far better understanding of economic basics than Singh who appeared out of his depth and overly desperate for a viral moment that never came.

Still, the ongoing repetition of Galen Weston’s name in the context of inflation and food prices did have an effect.

According to a new Abacus poll, Galen Weston has a net -12 rating among the public.

54% know of Weston. Among those individuals, 3% really like him, 13% like him, 11% are neutral, while 15% dislike him and 13% really dislike him.

If we put the like and really like together, you get 16% approval. While the dislike and really dislike amount to 28%.

Now, those aren’t great numbers. But they aren’t terrible considering that much of the media and the Liberals & NDP sought to demonize him for the past year.

And those numbers look even better when compared to Justin Trudeau.

Trudeau’s numbers in the latest Abacus poll are truly horrendous.

Just 25% of Canadians have a positive impression of Trudeau, while a whopping 59% have a negative impression.

That gives Trudeau a net -34 rating.

Galen Weston’s net approval rating is a full 22 points better than Justin Trudeau’s.

Even if we roughly double Weston’s numbers to account for about half the public not knowing about him, he still beats Trudeau.

If Weston had full notoriety among the public, his approval rating would be 23%, while his disapproval rating would be 41%, giving him a net -18 rating, still 14 points better than Trudeau.

This must come as a crushing blow to socialist Jagmeet Singh and his communist pals, given their attempt to play class warfare against Weston (which is hilarious coming from an elitist like Singh), and given that they’ve hitched their wagon to Justin Trudeau – now one of the most unpopular politicians in recent memory.

This also goes to show that the Canadian public has a strong understanding of the fact that Justin Trudeau and the Liberal government are the ones most to blame for Canada’s crumbling economy and our rapidly declining standard of living.

Spencer Fernando


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