By Siding With The Houthis, Leftists Are Now Defending Slavery & Standing With Genocidal Fascists

The mask has long since slipped.

Across the Western world – including here in Canada – leftists are siding with radical Islamist terrorist organizations like Hamas and the Houthis.

And now, leftists are even defending slavery.

The viral Tweet below is quite representative of the insane – “always blame the West” attitude that has been adopted by a large portion of the political left.

It’s a long diatribe defending slavery in Yemen and blaming it on the West.

The post was community noted, with people pointing out that the Houthis have expanded slavery:

The Houthis also like to larp as genocidal fascists – not exactly a surprise since that is exactly what the Houthis are as well:

As noted by Joshua Davis on Twitter, it took the left less than 4 years to from “Black Lives Matter” to defending slavery:

The hypocrisy of seeing leftists side with Houthis would be shocking, but the surprise evaporates once you realize what is really going on.

Accusing the West of being ‘fascist’ was simply what the left saw as the best way to weaken the West from within. Now, they believe that siding with fascists and going all-in on anti-Semitism is the way to weaken the West, so that’s what they’re doing.

The only thing the left believes in consistently is trying to tear down the democratic capitalist nations of the world, and they will say and do anything to try and make that happen.

Thus, with both the radical Islamists and the radical leftists we are dealing with enemies of our nation and civilization that are willing to lie endlessly to tear us down.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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