WATCH: Former Liberal Immigration Minister – And Current Housing Minister – Knew Huge Immigration Increases Would Drive Up Housing Costs Yet Imposed Those Increases Anyway

Again and again, the Liberals show that they are deliberately hurting our country.

I’ve repeatedly noted that what the Liberals are doing to this country is deliberate.

They aren’t ‘making mistakes.’

Rather, they are imposing an agenda they know will make Canadians poorer and they are doing it on purpose.

Today, we got even more evidence of that.

Former Immigration Minister, and current Housing Minister Sean Fraser admitted that he knew massive immigration increases would put upward pressure on the housing market, yet imposed those policies anyway:

“Former Immigration Minister Fraser admits he knew his policies would impact the housing market but he proceeded with them anyway. Now Trudeau has made him the Housing Minister.

Good luck finding a home under this guy.”

For the extremist Trudeau Liberals, their radical agenda is all that matters. They don’t care about the consequences for Canadians.

After all, what did Trudeau do to Fraser after Fraser wrecked the immigration system?

He put him in charge of housing.

He rewarded failure, because from Trudeau’s perspective it wasn’t failure at all. Fraser proved himself to be a loyal Trudeau stooge who would impose extremist policies with no regard for the damage done to Canadians, and that’s exactly what Trudeau demands.

Spencer Fernando

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