CANADA IS BROKEN: Convicted Terrorist Who Says She Will Commit Another Terror Attack Was RELEASED From Prison

This country is being destroyed.

Our country is being destroyed by a combination of disgustingly weak and pathetic ‘leaders’ and flat out psychopaths who hate our nation and want to see our country be destroyed from within.

Every Canadian – at least every one of us true Canadians who still believe in the values of the Western world – can recognize that this nation is broken.

Only the most insane Trudeau-cultists, far-left lunatics, and radical Islamists could possibly disagree with that at this point.

As the latest example of how absolutely broken our nation is, and how much our ‘justice system’ now explicitly functions to punish law-abiding Canadians while enabling those who hate our nation, a convicted terrorist was RELEASED back onto the streets despite openly saying she will commit another terror attack:

“Convicted Toronto terrorist Rehab Dughmosh — who attacked a Scarborough Canadian Tire in 2017 with a golf club and a knife, shouting “This is for ISIS” — continued to express her solidarity with the Islamic State terror group and a desire to kill people while in prison, and she may commit another terrorism offence now that she’s been released, an RCMP officer told a judge on Wednesday.

The Crown was in court requesting that Dughmosh enter into a terrorism peace bond — a legal document in which she would promise to follow conditions and not break any laws for a period of two years, in light of the RCMP’s ongoing concerns. Among other things, court heard that Dughmosh told her parole officer: “If you or your government don’t send me back to Syria, I will commit a new terrorist attack.””

Dughmosh is back in jail after refusing to sign paperwork for her release, but will almost certainly be back on the streets if she signs a ‘peace bond’.

This is how Canada works now.

If you’re someone who believes in Canadian values and Western values, if you’re someone who stands with the Jewish community, and if you’re someone who follows the rules, the system treats you like a sucker and explicitly seeks to punish and harm you.

If you’re someone who hates Canadian values, hates the Western world, hates Jewish People, supports terrorists and hostile enemy nations, and wants to destroy this country from within, the system protects you, uplifts you, and promotes you.

Day after day, we can see that our country is being stolen away from us by the radical Trudeau Liberals and the far-left marxists and lunatics who want to bring down the Western world. We are being betrayed.

Our nation is in massive danger.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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