“Never Again” Rings Hollow If We Don’t All Stand Against The Rising Tide Of Anti-Semitism

It’s easy to denounce historical injustices. But what we really need to do is fight back against the vile anti-Semites who are trying to usher in a new Holocaust. We must all stand together with the Jewish community.

On Holocaust Remembrance Day, people around the world – including many here in Canada – will say “Never Again.”

And yet, those words are ringing more and more hollow these days.

Many of our leaders – particularly the Liberal government led by Justin Trudeau – have decided to play politics and embrace a cowardly ‘both sidesism’ that has emboldened anti-Semites across the nation.

By refusing to see the clear differences between pro-Israel groups (who support Western values and human rights), and the anti-Israel groups (who despise the Western world, despise Canada, and want to take away our freedom), the Liberal government and the NDP have tacitly encouraged anti-Semites.

Instead of reasserting the taboo against anti-Semitism, many have looked at the demographic data and decided there are more votes to be had in pandering to anti-Semites, rather than confronting them.

After all, the same government that abused state power against the Freedom Convoy hasn’t even muttered a word about using the Emergencies Act to crack down on the anti-Semitic mobs who have been intimidating Jewish Canadians and attacking Jewish schools and Synaogugues.

Indeed, another attack happened today of all days:

Amazingly – not in a good way – some Liberal MPs still couldn’t help themselves when it came to shoehorning criticism of Israel into their statements on Holocaust Remembrance Day.

A difficult world

The key issue here is that the world is becoming a more and more dangerous place. Anti-Semites, dictators, and terrorists are all emboldened, while those who love freedom and democracy are often too timid and submissive, and are thus on the backfoot.

And so, while it’s easy for leaders and citizens to denounce the crimes of the past, it now takes real courage to stand up for what is right in the present.

But courage is exactly what we need most of all right now.

The Jewish community cannot be left to stand alone in the face of surging anti-Semitism.

We cannot allow radical extremists to plunge us into a new dark age of hatred and primitivism.

We cannot let the political space and information space be dominated by those who hate the Western world.

And most of all, we cannot let “Never Again” be an empty utterance.

It must have meaning.

It must be real.

And to make it real, each of us needs to speak out and take a stand in defence of the Jewish community, and ensure we are always standing on the right side of history by standing with Israel in their fight against the genocidal Hamas terrorists and the vile individuals who support Hamas.

We still have it within our power to defeat the anti-Semites and defeat those who hate the Western world. And we still have the power to make sure that “Never Again” really means “NEVER AGAIN.”

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter