The Guy Who Oversaw Insane Immigration Increases Now Wants Credit For Talking About The Need For More Student Housing

The Liberals think we should trust them to fix the problem they created. No thanks.


That’s how highly-respected Canadian writer Darshan Maharaja described Housing Minister Sean Fraser’s newfound interest in the need for student housing, and he couldn’t be more right in that description:

“Canada needs more student housing.”

When did this divine knowledge descend on you, Minister Fraser?

Because you sure as heck didn’t know this when you were letting in hundreds of thousands of international students in your previous role as immigration minister.


Fraser is really hoping Canadians have short memories.

After all, Fraser was the Immigration Minister when the truly absurd immigration increases were brought into force.

While ultimate responsibility lies most with Justin Trudeau and Jagmeet Singh for pushing for those radical policies, Fraser still implemented them and chose to go along with extremist immigration policy rather than pushing back.

In effect, Fraser is the guy who created the current problem, yet now wants to be seen as the guy to fix it.

Canadians shouldn’t buy it.

Fraser failed in his duty to Canadians by implementing a policy that has done significant damage to our nation, and he thus has zero credibility when it comes to undoing that damage.

Spencer Fernando

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