Until They End Their Pro-Putin Energy Policies, Stop Selling Our Democracy Out To China, And Finally List The IRGC As Terrorists, The Liberals Shouldn’t Lecture Anyone About Supporting Dictators

This country must rid ourselves of the hypocrite Liberals who are tearing our nation apart.

Canada has never had a government more friendly to dictators than the current Liberal government led by Justin Trudeau.

Before taking office, the Liberals thought former Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper was too tough on Russia, and pushed for a normalizing of relations with Russian dictator Vladimir Putin.

Since taking office, the Liberals have imposed radical-left energy policies designed to crush the Canadian oil & gas sector, a move that makes Canadians poorer while making energy-rich dictatorships like Russia wealthier.

This has had some horrific consequences.

The more money Russia makes selling energy, the more money they have to build weapons and kill Ukrainians in their brutal and unprovoked invasion of Ukraine. Further, Russia’s strangehold over the European energy market – a stranglehold that is being broken at great cost – emboldened Putin into thinking Europe would acquiesce to his invasion of Ukraine.

Even AFTER Russia invaded Ukraine and our democratic allies in Europe desperately sought alternatives to Russian energy, Justin Trudeau said there was no business case for Canada to increase LNG exports to Europe. Meanwhile, the United States, the UAE, Qatar, and other signed massive long-term contracts worth tens of billions of dollars to supply Europe and Japan with LNG.

And so, since taking office, the upper echelon of the Liberal Party – including Justin Trudeau, Chrystia Freeland, and Steven Guilbeault, made a conscious decision to prioritize eco-extremist policies above our national security, above our energy sector, and above the needs of our democratic allies.

Thus, it is fair to say that the Liberals have been implementing a pro-Putin energy policy for nearly a decade. They knew that crushing our energy sector (over $150 BILLION worth of energy sector projects have been lost under the Liberals) would enrich Putin’s war machine. Yet they did it anyway.

And yet, Chrystia Freeland has the unmitigated arrogance to try and accuse the Conservatives of being pro-Putin:

Freeland should be asking that question of her own government.

And of course, this isn’t the only way in which the Liberals have sided with dictatorships and authoritarian states.

The Liberals still refuse to list the Iran-controlled Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps as a terrorist organization, despite that organization funding Hamas, the Houthis, and launching attacks on our allies, in addition to intimidating Iranian freedom-fighters within our own borders.

The Liberals have also sold our democracy out to China, by delaying all attempts to investigate China’s interference in our democratic institutions before holding an ‘inquiry’ that leaves out the Official Opposition and in many ways puts the victims of China’s intimidation efforts on trial.

The Liberals have also allowed our military to crumble, while imposing radical far-left social engineering on the military in a way that seems deliberately designed to cut recruitment even further.

And – as if their hypocrisy couldn’t get any worse – the Liberals & NDP recently voted AGAINST a Conservative motion that would have made it easier for Canada to send weapons to Ukraine.

So, at a time when Canada needs to be standing up to dictatorships, needs to support our democratic allies, needs to rekindle our national pride, and needs to rearm at a rapid pace, the Liberals are doing the exact opposite.

Until that changes, they should never lecture anyone else about supporting dictators and supporting authoritarian states.

Spencer Fernando

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