WATCH: Desperate & Flailing Trudeau Blames Harper For Gun Crime Surge Despite Gun Crime Being Objectively Worse Under Trudeau’s ‘Leadership’

Is this all he has left?

With the Conservatives continuing to dominate the polls, Justin Trudeau is desperately flailing around searching for a line of attack that will work.

He hasn’t found one, largely because the Liberals aren’t trailing due to a communications issue, they’re trailing because Canada is getting notably worse under Trudeau’s leadership.

So now, Trudeau is reverting to one of his most pathetic attempts to gain some political ground:

Blaming Harper.

That’s right, Justin Trudeau is now trying to claim that the recent surge in gun crime is somehow Stephen Harper’s fault, even though gun crime is objectively worse under the Liberals than it was under the Conservatives:

“Trudeau today says he’s cleaning up Harper’s mess. “Let them bring assault weapons back to our streets, we’ll keep Canadians safe!”

Poilievre: “Wow, is he ever losing control of himself, screaming and hollering like that.””

Trudeau really has nothing left at this point.

His attempt to blame former Prime Minister Stephen Harper is at odds with both common sense (how can you blame your predecessor after eight years?), and at odds with the facts:


line chart&8211;Chart2, from 2009 to 2022

Under Justin Trudeau’s ‘leadership,’ gun crime in Canada is worse than it was under Stephen Harper.

There is no debate to be had about this.

It’s not an opinion.

It’s a fact, no matter how much Justin Trudeau may try to convince Canadians otherwise.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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