PATHETIC: Jagmeet Singh – Who Is Deliberately Keeping Trudeau In Power – Is Complaining About Trudeau’s “Delay On Housing Action”

Why does he keep doing this?

Jagmeet Singh continues one of the most quixotic communication strategies in Canadian political history.

In short, he single-handedly and deliberately keeps Trudeau in power, while he also constantly complaining about the Liberals.

This is a double-indictment of himself and his party.

Singh could at any moment bring down the Liberal government. By refusing to do so, he makes himself part of the Liberal government, and thus complicit in the failures of the Liberal government.

By ignoring this reality, Singh also shows that he thinks Canadians are stupid and will somehow give him credit for being an ‘opposition’ party while he’s part of the governing coalition.

His terrible poll numbers and complete inability to take advantage of Trudeau’s collapse in the polls demonstrates that Canadians are much smarter than Singh thinks.

And yet, he’s still at it.

On X (Twitter), Singh attacked the Liberals for their “delay on housing action.”

“Right now, refugees in Toronto are dying on the streets while the Liberals continue to delay on housing action.

It’s appalling.

Whether you were born here or came here for a better life — you deserve a safe, affordable place to call home.”

Singh supported the Liberal’s massive immigration increases.

Singh supported extremist green policies.

Singh supported inlationary overspending.

Singh supported carbon tax hikes.

Singh gave the Liberals a de facto majority after Canadians denied the Liberals a majority in the last two elections.

At this point, Singh’s attempt to pretend he leads an Opposition Party is simply pathetic.

Spencer Fernando


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