The Credibility Of Trudeau’s Foreign Interference ‘Inquiry’ Is Already Collapsing

By denying standing to the Conservative Party (the party Communist China sought to defeat), and by refusing to defend Uyghur Canadians, the inquiry appears to be focused on protecting those who are doing the bidding of the Chinese Communist Party rather than protecting Canada’s democratic institutions.

When trying to understand the chaotic and flailing response of the Liberals to revelations that Communist China has interefered in our democratic institutions, it is helpful to look at it this way:

Everything the Trudeau Liberals are doing makes perfect sense if we assume they are trying to stop Canadians from learning the truth about how China has infiltrated our institutions.

First, they denied there was a story.

Then, they said talking about it was racist.

Then, they said an inquiry wasn’t necessary.

Then, they ignored Parliament for months when a majority of MPs voted for an inquiry.

Then, they succumbed to pressure to call an inquiry, but continued to delay.

Then, they called an inquiry, but denied standing to the Conservatives (the party that Communist China seemed most focused on defeating).

Then, the inquiry failed to take steps to protect groups like the Uyghurs – who had been targeted by China – from being cross-examined by those who may be doing the bidding of the CCP:

“This was the right thing for @Uyghuradvocacy to do. If the Commissioner would not agree to protect this diaspora group from cross-examination by people associated with the CCP, they had no choice, & their testimony will not be heard.Reflects lack of understanding of . @PIFIEPIE”

Now, with Uyghur Canadians leaving the inquiry – a wise decision on their part – the legitimacy of the inquiry has collapsed.

It now appears to be rigged from the outset, designed to give the appearance of action while actually serving to protect those who tried to undermine our institutions on behalf of the Chinese Communist Party, rather than actually protecting our institutions.

Spencer Fernando


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