Selina Robinson Is Right & Has Nothing To Apologize For

One of the most inspiring things about Israel is how they turned unproductive land surrounded by enemies into an advanced thriving nation.

Selina Robinson – a Minister in the NDP government in B.C. – is desperately apologizing for referring to Israel as being on a ‘crappy piece of land,’ comments which ‘pro-Palestinians’ are denouncing and which has led to calls for her resignation from ‘pro-Palestinian’ groups in B.C. and the far-left:

“I want to apologize for my disrespectful comment referring to the origins of Israel on a ‘crappy piece of land’. I was referring to the fact that the land has limited natural resources. I understand that this flippant comment has caused pain and that it diminishes the …. /1”

“connection Palestinians also have to the land. I regret what I said and I apologize without reservation.”

Here’s the thing.

Selina Robinson didn’t say anything wrong.

Objectively, the land in Israel is quite ‘crappy.’

Most of it is unusable for agriculture.

There isn’t much oil there.

Further, Israel is surrounded by enemies – and was attacked by all surrounding nations immediately after their founding.

But this is what makes Israel so inspiring.

The Jewish People made that ‘crappy’ land into an incredibly advanced, innovative, free, and thriving nation.

Israel’s success is the triumph of a people who, rather than succumbing to despair, actively redefined their circumstances and asserted their existence on their own terms. This is a profound act of creation, turning the desert into a place of abundance, symbolizing not just survival but the flourishing of life and culture against the odds.

Selina Robinson spoke the truth. And so, all of us who value the truth should stand with her.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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