The Weakness That’s Unraveling The West: Eby’s Bow To The Mob

If the most aggressive and hate-filled are always allowed to win, what will become of our society?

Theoretically, the Western world has all the advantages.

We have more freedom.

We have more innovation.

We have a stronger economy.

We have a powerful network of alliances.

We are where people want to be.

But, we have a serious problem – a problem that could be fatal.

We have become weak.

Years of demonizing Western history and demonizing the concept of Western Civilization itself has left us unable to defend our own principles, and unable to pushback against those who do not share our values.

Increasingly, whoever shows the most aggression and the most hatred ends up taking control, because our weak leaders and their weak supporters simply give in out a desire to ‘avoid conflict.’

That’s what happened in B.C. with Premier David Eby surrendering to an extremist mob.

Eby fired Selina Robinson after she spoke about how Israel managed to turn ‘crappy’ land into a thriving nation.

Radical Islamists and the far-left immediately started calling for Robinson to be removed, and it took just a few days for Eby to surrender to those calls and remove Robinson from the cabinet.

But of course, that isn’t enough for the mob:

Eby fails to understand that by showing weakness, he has only emboldened those who despise Western Civilization.

He has incentivized hateful people to try and push more Jewish Canadians out of public life.

He has made things immeasurably worse.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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