With Hamas On The Verge Of Defeat, Foreign Affairs Minister Melanie Joly Calls For Ceasefire

This is part of a larger pattern of Western politicians being unable or unwilling to understand the need for – or even the possibility of – actual victory over the enemies of the free world.

One of the most difficult things for people to grasp when it comes to foreign policy is that we lack direct control over our adversaries.

Many people mix up domestic politics and foreign policy, believing that everything taking place outside our country is merely an extension of politics within our country.

Thus, a portion of the political right sides with Russia because they see Russia as on their side in the ‘culture war.’

Meanwhile, a portion of the political left sides with China & Iran (and Iran-funded terror groups like Hamas), because they see Communism and Islamism as ‘resistence’ movements against the ‘decadent capitalist colonialist oppressors.’

As a result, the right – particularly in the United States – acts to stymie efforts to counter Russia, while the left acts to stymie efforts to counter China & Iran.


The irony is that the New Axis of Russia, China, and Iran are all working together to undermine the West. They don’t really see anyone in the West as a true friend, but rather as useful idiots who can help weaken the West internally and thus make it easier for the New Axis to dominate the world.

Unfortunately, the New Axis also has another advantage:

Many Western ‘leaders’ are unable to even conceive of victory.

For example, Israel is on the verge of defeating Hamas.

Much of Hamas’ fighting power has been destroyed, thousands of Hamas terrorists have been killed, and rocket launches into Israel have declined significantly. Israel has methodically worn down Hamas and pushed the remaining Hamas fighters into a smaller and smaller territory. Israel has managed to acheive this with a low civilian casuality ratio despite Hamas’ deliberate effort to put civilians in harms way for propaganda purposes.

And now, with Israel on the verge of entering the last Hamas stronghold of Rafah, Hamas leaders are on the run:

And yet, just as Hamas is on the verge of defeat, Foreign Minister Melanie Joly is calling on Israel to halt their operation:

“The civilians in Rafah are people— they are mothers, children. They have names, stories— and they exist. Asking them to move again is unacceptable.

They have nowhere to go.

We need a hostage deal, for more humanitarian aid to enter Gaza and we need a sustainable ceasefire.”

This is a disgraceful statement by the Foreign Minister, because it lacks any understand of how a terror group like Hamas must be dealt with.

A ceasefire now – unless it includes the complete surrender of Hamas and release of all hostages – would mean Hamas remaining in power. Hamas’ remaining leaders and fighters would hide in their tunnels and reemerge at a later date to renew their genocidal campaign against Israel. 

We see this sort of mental block again and again in the West.

We see it in the Liberals & New Democrats who seem unable to understand that Hamas must be militarily crushed.

We see it in elements of the Republican Party in the U.S. who are trying to withhold aid to Ukraine out of some misguided idea that ‘Russia can’t be allowed to lose.’

We see it embedded in much of the Western populace – including here in Canada – as our military is used for social experiments and is deprived of adequate funding and equipment, even as hostile states like China, Russia, and Iran arm themselves for full-scale war.

Our complacency has made us dangerously weak, and our enemies are taking advantage.

To get out of this dangerous mindset before it’s too late, we should be learning from countries like Israel instead of giving lectures about military operations our leaders don’t even understand.

We should learn from Israel’s example of being a nation that maintains open debate and defends democracy, while also arming itself to ensure it can survive in a hostile world.

Israel doesn’t just hope for the best. Rather, they prepare for the worst and ensure they deal with threats from a position of strength.

We should learn from Israel’s inspiring and steadfast pursuit of real victory over Hamas.

And we should also learn from Ukraine’s example. Fighting a much larger foe, Ukraine has shown the extent to which people will fight for the kind of freedom and democracy we take for granted here at home (as imperfect as our country may be). We take for granted what Ukrainians are dying to have.

We need to learn from these inspiring examples of strength.

We must recognize that now is not the time for weakness.

Now is not the time for burying our heads in the sand.

Instead, now is the time for rearmament, for rebuilding our confidence, and for regaining our understanding of the fact that we can and should pursue victory over those who mean us harm.

Spencer Fernando

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