Until The Government Shows Some Backbone, The Anti-Semitic Mobs Will Continue To Grow More Powerful

This is a clear battle of wills, and the legitimate authorities – and law-abiding Canadians – are losing.

The Western world has all the technological and financial resources to address most of our problems.

Militarily, we could easily outproduce the New Axis of China, Russia, North Korea, and Iran. 

Technologically, our relatively free and open societies are much more innovative and quick to react to new trends, meaning we should have a big advantage in almost every industry of the future.

Economically, our standard of living, and total wealth dwarfs our geopolitical foes, and we have access to abundant natural resources. With just a bit of focus and a shift away from eco-radicalism, we could significantly increase our energy production and our manufacturing output.

We even have an advantage in terms of values.

People flee the countries of the New Axis, and are desperate to live in the West, or in countries that have adopted many Western freedoms like South Korea and Japan.

Unfortunately, the Western world is squandering this.

We have spent years undermining our own economies through an embrace of eco-radicalism that drives up energy prices and holds back prosperity & growth.

We have demonized our own civilization and our own values, causing many to lose confidence in Western Civilization, and creating an opening for both the far-left and the far-right to side with our enemies and undermine us from within.

We naively assumed large-scale military conflict was a thing of the past, and let our military production capability wither away to the point in North Korea alone is able to outproduce Canada, the United States, and the European Union combined in terms of artillery.

And, many believed that anti-Semitism was largely a thing of the past, without realizing that it has been lurking under the surface just waiting for an ‘opportunity’ to be unleashed.

Thus, much of the West has become dangerously weak, and Canada is among the weakest of Western nations right now, with our government buying into nearly every destructive trend.

And now, we are seeing the escalating consequences.

In Toronto, a small group of anti-Semitic radicals were able to shut down an event where Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was set to host Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni:


The pro-Hamas mob also went after Liberal MP Marco Mendicino:


As Andrea Micieli aptly noted on Twitter, this is an embarassment for our country and makes Canada look incredibly weak:

“There’s no way Meloni didn’t go back to her hotel and laugh at the wuss Trudeau for allowing their reception to be cancelled due to radical Islamist intimidation.

There’s no chance an Italian premier would have allowed the same in her country if she was hosting.

Un uomo debole.”

Open expressions of hate and support for terror are now spreading in this country:

And today, masked protesters are targeting a Synagogue:

“Continued escalation in the GTA’s largest Jewish neighbourhood as masked protesters target a synagogue and a centre that provides housing, supports and opportunities for adults with disabilities.

It’s time our laws are enforced — not just when it’s convenient for the government.”

This will keep getting worse until the government shows resolve

Let’s be absolutely clear here:

This will keep getting worse.

The anti-Semitic mobs will keep getting more emboldened.

They will keep gaining adherents.

They will keep getting stronger.

Until that is, the government shows some resolve.

A sad fact of human nature – as history shows – is that many people wait and see which side looks most likely to win. Regardless of what each side believes. Regardless of the consequences of one side winning over the other. Many people wait in the middle and play it safe until a clear winner emerges.

And right now, the side that is winning the battle of wills just so happens to be the pro-Hamas, anti-Semitic mobs.

And that means the lawful authorities, law-abiding Canadians, the Jewish community, and all of us who value freedom, democracy, and the rule of law are losing.

It doesn’t have to be this way of course.

The government can begin turning the tide immediately.

All they need to do is start enforcing the law.

Start charging people with the glorification of terrorism.

Remove non-Citizens from the country if they are found to have expressed support for terrorist organizations.

Jail those who are spreading anti-Semitic hate and intimidating the Jewish community.

And most importantly, show some backbone and refuse to let events like the Trudeau-Meloni gathering to be cancelled. The police should have stepped in to remove the protesters and made sure the event continued, because that would have showed the strength and determination to defend the rule of law.

But for this to happen, for the tide to start turning back towards law-abiding Canadians, the Liberal government will have to abandon their ‘both sidesim.’

They will have to stop spreading the false Hamas propaganda that demonizes Israel and fuels anti-Semitism.

They will have to stop ignoring the fact that a significant number of newcomers have deeply anti-Semitic attitudes.

And they will have to stop demonizing and underming the Western Civilizational values that are the bulwark against anti-democratic forces, anti-Semities, communists, and fascists.

We need a resurgence of confidence and strength in the values that built the Western world, and we need to make it absolutely clear that anti-Semitic hate has no place in Canada.

Enough is enough.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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