It’s The Supply & Demand, Stupid

How can a government minister not have a grasp of this?

People want thing.

More people brought in who want thing.

Supply of thing not keep up with increase in people who want thing.

Price of thing go up.

We don’t even need proper grammer to convey how supply and demand works.

It’s not complex.

It doesn’t take an advanced degree to figure out.

Most of us intuitively understand it.

But apparently, it’s a concept beyond the understanding of Immigration Minister Marc Miller:

“It is unhealthy to link housing to the volume of people that are coming here to seek refuge and asylum, equally unhealthy to relate it to immigrants…” – Immigration Minister Marc Miller

Canada’s political elite is divorced from reality.”

What is Miller talking about here?

What does he not understand?

People want housing.

If you bring in a bunch of people, then demand for housing goes up.

If the supply of housing can’t keep up, then the price of housing goes up.

That’s it.

Does Miller think there is some magical way around what is a fundamental aspect not only of economics, but of physical reality?

If so, he sure hasn’t explained what it is.

All he has done is demonstrate his profound ignorance, as noted by Wyatt Claypool:

“This is absurd.

Nobody is saying we do not have room for more immigrants in Canada, it is MATH saying we do not have the room.

It is making it so young Canadians cannot afford homes and new immigrants are barely able to afford half a basement suite.

Immigration must be lowered and new housing starts must be encouraged through tax cuts (from the federal level).”

We really must understand how bad it is for a federal minister to lack an understanding of supply and demand.

Nearly every issue facing a government is a supply and demand problem. If a government ignores supply and demand, they are – from the outset – making it nearly impossible to improve anything.

And perhaps that explains why nearly every aspect of life in Canada is getting worse.

A government that has become so detached from common-sense and basic economic principles is a government that is chosing to live in a fantasy world, a world where simply expressing a desire to address an issue means the issue has been addressed.

The rest of us have to live in the real world – the world of cause and effect, the world of consequences, the world of tangible reality, the world of supply and demand.

Again, we shouldn’t have to explain this to the federal government, but here we are.

“It’s the supply and demand, stupid” is what Marc Miller needs to hear, but even that would seem to be too complicated for him to grasp at this point.

Spencer Fernando

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