Every Canadian Should Read Selina Robinson’s Resignation Letter

Tragically, things have gotten to the point where good people are being abandoned by cowards like the B.C. Premier who bow down to the rabid anti-Semitic mobs.

B.C. MLA Selina Robinson has resigned from the B.C. NDP Caucus after the party refused to stand up for her amid anti-Semitic attacks – attacks which seem to have come from within the NDP Caucus itself.

In a resignation letter, Robinson wrote about how she is “heartbroken” at how poorly she was treated. I have included the full text of the letter below, and I encourage you to read it. We are at a turning point in Canada, with gutless cowards like B.C. Premier David Eby and the NDP Caucus allowed anti-Semitism to fester and then abandoned a Jewish colleague to appease the rabid anti-Semitic mob.

We must hear Robinson’s words and realize how dangerous this moment is:





The left makes their choice

This tragic letter, released the same day we learned the Liberals plan to restore funding to Hamas-enabling UNRWA, makes it clear that the left has made their choice.

The left has chosen to stand with anti-Semitism. They have chosen to abandon the Jewish community. They have chosen to support organizations that support terrorists.

By making this choice, the left has pushed Canada into a very dangerous moment. Those of us who love our country and who stand with the Jewish community must do everything we can to fight the rise of anti-Semitism and ensure that courageous people like Selina Robinson are not left to fight against hate alone.

Spencer Fernando