POLL: 70% Say Everything In Canada Feels Broken

Horrific numbers for the Liberals.

When Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre first started talking about Canada being “broken,” the Liberals laughed at him.

They claimed he was “talking down” Canada, and seemed quite confident that the messaging wouldn’t catch on.

The problem for the Liberals is that it wasn’t just “messaging.”

It was an accurate portrayal of what many Canadians are feeling.

After all, in terms of our standard of living, the housing market, crime, national unity, healthcare quality, and our immigration system, things are getting objectively worse.

And now, a new poll shows an overwhelming majority of Canadians say everything in the country feels broken:

“It feels like everything is broken in Canada right now”

Agree: 70%
Disagree: 27%

Leger / February 25, 2024 / n=1590 / Online

And here is what people said when asked what makes them feel the country is broken:

“Among those that say Canada feels broken – ‘What makes you agree that everything feels broken in Canada?’

Everything is expensive: 21%
Country’s leadership: 18%
Failing healthcare system: 11%
Standard of living is declining: 10%
Social problems like crime, addiction, homelessness are rising: 9%
Things look bad for the next generation: 8%
Struggling economy: 7%
Can’t afford decent housing: 7%
Immigration system: 3%”

These are horrific numbers for the Liberals.

Canadians are clearly on side with Pierre Poilievre’s view that the nation is broken, and only a dwindling number of Liberal partisans are willing to say otherwise.

The Liberals have done such a horrible job running the country that they can’t blame anyone else for how bad things are for Canadians – and the polls are reflecting this reality.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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